Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is some kind of NEAT WEATHER this year!!!

The weather has really been GREAT in the Black Hills this summer!!! Here it is the FIRST week of August and we haven't had any real hot weather yet!!! Now that's my kind of place! Let me say it's not ALWAYS like this. I've seen some years when it was super HOT right now. It's BIKE WEEK in these Hills and we don't go out much during this week. It's so crowded you can't get anywhere, even finding the Post Office in our little town is almost impossible. However, the crowd count is down this year and it hasn't been so bad.

Back to the weather, it's been about 50 deg every morning when we get up and 82 was the high for the week. Last Monday the high was 69, Tuesday and Wednesday it was 77. The next 3 days highs were 81, 80 and 81. It doesn't get much better than that!!!!!

The bikes are all heading out and they have thinned out considerably the last day or two. HOWEVER, This mornings headlines are "Biker Shot". Sounds like the HELL'S ANGELS have made their presence known again this year. I'm sure you will soon see it on your National News TV channel.

So, what else is NEW? Well, the Electricians came Monday and put our electrical wiring to the POLE BLDG..............

(Click on all photos to enlarge)

The Line is in and the "crooked" ditch is covered up. (-: Now I have electric plugs inside and my 220 welder hooked up!!

It sure is nice to have a place to get everything in out of the weather and plug in battery chargers, etc.

Someday if we get to the point where we can't travel or have to downsize considerably, we plan on making this into our living quarters. This will be the entrance and the living room and kitchen. The wall will be just left of the entrance door, that is 18 ft. It will be 18 x 40....we don't want a very big space.

This will be the Bedroom way in the back, then the Bath. Right where that little table against the wall sits, I framed out an area so I can put the plumbing and sewer in without having to chip out the Concrete. Right now this area makes us a nice out of the wind and weather gathering place.

We have dedicated this Building to Son SCOTT, whom we just lost recently to Cancer. I discussed this building so much with him and he wanted to come up and help me build it. I will say that he was here EVERY DAY supervising the job and helping us make decisions..........Boy, we miss him!!!!!! His name will be etched in the concrete FOREVER!!!! NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!!!

The time is FLYING BY!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Seems like we just got here. Only 6 weeks until we will be loading up and leaving. Where did it go??? That time will be here soon and we will be on our way to Lincoln to spend a few days with Ann.. Then on down to Hutchinson, KS for the HDT rally....where all of the many Friends and Folks with Heavy Duty Trucks gather for a week of fun, friendship and learning about these SUPER tow rigs we all have built. I always look forward to our travels, but our time up here in the Black Hills is one of the most enjoyable times of each year.

Thanks again to everyone for stopping by our Blog. Glad to have you along and hope you come back again next week. I promise not to bore you with anymore on the POLE BUILDING!!!!:-) But, if you're interested in "oodles" of pictures of the Pole here:


Our friends Mark and Dale are still with us....we're having a wonderful time. Mark has been helping Pat "tune up" our PressurePro website and transferring a lot of files to her new Dell laptop computer. He is also updating our old Dell desktop with new RAM and a new Power Supply. Thanks, Mark!!! To celebrate, we had a fish fry last night....South Dakota Walleye, "Southern" Cheese Grits and Hushpuppies, and Cole Slaw....YUM!!!!:-)

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike and Pat -

Good to check in with you weekly. Now that we know your schedule, we'll be regular readers. You have established your "exit plan" very well, something that every full-time RVer needs to seriously consider and plan out. Our escape is in Benson, AZ, more or less on schedule.

Jerry and Suzy

Ellie and Jim said...

We're glad you've got the pole building about where you want it for now. What a nice tribute to dedicate it to Scott.

Say Hi to Dale and Mark for us, sorry we missed them. Maybe we'll see y'all down in the valley this winter! We miss you guys and sure enjoyed our time together.

Weather's been nice in Wisconsin and Michigan too, we're lovin' it!

Ellie & Jim