Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Bluetooth works!!!!!!!!!!

I had about 5 people contact me and want the Bluetooth Mouse that I bought before I found out my Laptop didn't have internal capabilities for one. However, my friends Jack Mayer and Fuzz Parten, both told me I could get a "Dongle". Hmmm, I never heard of a "Dongle"!
(Remember ,I'm an old guy!)

Well, a "Dongle" shopping I went. When I typed "Dongle" into eBay,,,,,,,it came back with over 4000 of them! I spent an hour reading and educating myself about dongles... Three days later I had one! (click on all pictures to enlarge)

This is the "Dongle" I purchased. It is very small and does not stick out far enough for me to hit it on everything like I did with the "wireless mouse" I had previously. It is "plug and play" and I plugged it in and it WORKED! So, I'm in business. Sorry folks but the Bluetooth Mouse is not for sale........BUT,,,,if you have the need for a Logitech "wireless" Mouse that works great, let me know.... Thanks Jack and Fuzz, now I don't hit this one on everything. It is almost undetectable in the side of my Laptop!!!

This Blog is such a great place to sell stuff, let me throw out another item that seems to be excess to my needs.... I made another mistake!!! :-( Sometimes we just have to learn the HARD WAY! When am I going to learn that I'm not as young as I once was? Don't laugh guys, you'll be here one day......:-) My mistake was I should NOT have bought a Motorcycle!!! When we sold everything years ago to fulfill our dream of Fulltime RV'ing, I about cried when my Harley sold. I had Motorcycles for years and years,,,,,several Harley's, a Gold Wing, several Honda's,,,,,,,Suzuki's,,,,Kawasaki's,,,,,etc. Even had a Bridgestone and a "Whizzer". We went to Daytona Bike week for about 8 years straight. After selling the Harley, it just didn't seem right not having a Motorcycle.. Went about 10 years without one! So when my good friend and fellow HDT'er David Czetli (Toterman) had this neat little Bike for sale, of course, I was interested.

The rest is history. I have discovered that I just don't have the interest in riding a Motorcycle that I once did. Neither does Pat. I guess that was in a previous life!!! So if anyone wants a neat Suzuki Marauder VZ800,,,,,,that only has 3800 miles(yes, you read that right,3800) on it and is almost like new, let me know. Just a mere $2500.00!!! Plus, it sounds just like a Harley!!!

This is a 1998 and only had 3500 miles on it when I bought it from David(Toterman). It is almost like a NEW one,,,,,,,,,and 11 years old. A classic!! Your gain, my loss. Come and get it!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

The weather is wonderful here in Arizona, but it's warming up fast!!! Pat and I are getting anxious to see the GREEN hills..........

Travel Safe and God Bless.


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Jutta said...

Glad to see your blog this morning. You are part of my Sunday ritual and when I checked about 20 minutes ago (you are my first Sunday blog read) it had not shown up yet. Made me a little bit nervous, wondering if you guys are okay. Keep up the good work. I need my Sunday and Wednesday read. :-)

Jerry and Suzy said...

Don't have a blue tooth, all my teeth are off-white, and I am NOT going to comment on any dongle!

Also, I have no need for a motorcycle, but I'll bet someone out there will take it for $2500 if you'll throw in the Logitech mouse for a freebie!

Nice weather has returned to Arizona, only to soon get even warmer!

Kathy said...

Oh Mike, the wheel in my head is spinning big time. Yes, I have a resident hamster that lives in my head, shhh don't tell anyone. I'm giving Phil "the look" the "Can we have a motorcycle look and wouldn't it be fun to have one!" look.
We will see what happens!

Bruce said...

Boy: I get lost with all this new language, blue tooth, dongle, Mike I think you are more of a techie than you think. Down south we only had people with white teeth and green teeth. And I think dongle might be obscene. I don't know what that picture is. Ha Ha.. Love your blog

Nick Russell said...

Mike, I too went a decade without a motorcycle after a lifetime of riding, and I finally gave in and purchased a like new 2003 Yamaha V-Star 1100cc full dress cruiser.

And like you, I discovered that was a part of my past, not my present. After hauling it around for a couple of years and putting only 250 miles or so on it, I sold it last year after our Gypsy Journal rally in Ohio.

We replaced it with two kayaks, which Terry and I both enjoy much more than we did the bike.

Froggi Donna said...

Wish you were closer...I'd snag that bike for my stepdaughter. She just got her license last fall...her 23 y/o hubby is the one fighting Melanoma. Someone is going to get a steal!!!