Sunday, March 7, 2010

Here we are in Quartzsite, AZ.

Yesterday we arrived here in the desert near the famous RV Town of Quartzsite. We are headed for the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma that starts Monday. We will go on in today and get things set up in the vending area.

When we arrived last night, the wind began to blow but it didn't get dusty like it sometimes does around here. We are parked just about 1/4 mile off the highway at mile marker 99. There are only a few RV's strung out here and there.....  but this is quite a popular area for get-togethers during January when the place is in full swing. It's crowded then.....too crowded for me. We came here for several years; however, I really do my best to avoid crowds anymore if I can. It's getting harder and harder to do.. Where do all these people come from???

We have been here at this exact spot many times before.  I remember one time several years ago, we met our good friends Nick and Joanne Alexakis here. It was on our anniversary. We set out by the fire that night and drank Champagne. It was a gorgeous night and back in those days I could even stay awake past 9pm. Ahhhh.... those were the days!!! Remember that Nick and Joanne? I love the mountains in the background all around on the horizon. Give me the "wide open spaces" !

Last week I had a Dr's appointment in Scottsdale (North suburb of Phoenix) and I also wanted to take the truck into the Volvo dealership and leave it for a couple days for maintenance. So we did ,as we often do, and hooked the Honda to the truck and towed it. Here we are parked at the Dr's office. When the Doctor was  finished with us, we went on to the dealership and left the truck.

Here is the truck at the Volvo Dealership way down in south Phoenix, sitting in line, waiting its turn to get into a repair bay. These Big Truck shops are open from 8am until midnight.  We checked it in and took the Honda back home.   It's about 60 miles back to North Ranch and the traffic is horrendous.....jeez, I hate it.
Then, on Thursday when we went back to get our Truck, I picked up this neat cargo trailer I bought. I needed a good solid enclosed cargo trailer to haul and store our 4 wheelers in and was lucky enough to find this one at a great price. So we hooked on to it and pulled it back to North Ranch. It's really a neat trailer, pulls like a dream...only 2 years old and has very few miles on it.  But now I need to get all that signage removed...any idea's anybody?  Any painters around? The poor guy that owned this trailer went out of business and closed both of his businesses because of the economy.  I felt so sorry for him.  He was a real nice, young fellow.

This morning we will the drive 85 miles into Yuma and find the fairgrounds. It sprinkled last night and looks like it may do some more today.  Hope the fairgrounds is not muddy when we arrive.  Anyhow, it will be a GREAT RALLY!! Looking forward to seeing everyone..

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I have found that nothing works better than just sanding it off with a rotary sander and then priming any spots where you went through to bare metal, and then wet sand the primer and put a couple of coats of good quality paint and clear coat on. You will thank yourself for the extra work in the long rum as it will look like a factory finish. Have fun At the Rally. Sam & Donna.


Is it paint or vinyl graphics?

Walldog, Willie and Jake said...

They are probably vinyl letters. If so you can use a hair dryer to soften them and pull them off. A solvent will then remove any glue residue. From an old Walldog sign painter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,,, I am enjoying your adventures, hopefully one day we'll be doing the same.

I had a cargo trailer as well, and had to remove vinyl signage, use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the vinyl and it'll peel off without ruining the original paint job.

Mike (Ottawa, Canada)

Rick and Paulette said...

That's a great looking cargo trailer you have there. I agree with what Sam said about getting the signage off - looks like you may have another task ahead of you. Have a great time at the Rally in Yuma!

Mike McFall said...

Sorry Folks, I ment to mention they were PAINT,,,not vinyl decals. Decals would make it too simple!! Wish they were,, thanks

KU9L said...

Hey Mike, nice cargo trailer you have there ... the perfect mobile garage! I wished we were in your part of the country as I'd volunteer to help you out with the labor of removing the old paint and lettering. I spent 16 hours this weekend repairing, patching, scraping, sanding, and painting the inside office at the campground resort here. That kind of work makes a 48 year-old feel old, but the second morning after I feel ready to tackle a new project today, LOL! Best of luck finding energetic local volunteers! Best, Dave & Sheila