Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Shaping Up!!

Although our new home came with a lot of furniture, in order to make it "our home", we had to add a few things. This week two delivery trucks have delivered some new items. Here is what the first truck brought.

This is the Love Seat and Ottoman.

Ms Pat and Gina found this neat "sofa table" to go behind the Love Seat.

This picture was taken way back about the time we were moving in. We knew that "tiny" Microwave would have to be replaced.  Pat has gotten used to the Convection oven in the Teton, so we wanted one in our Home. The place is too WHITE and needs some color added.....bad.  So we set off to find a new Microwave.  It will replace that WHITE power vent above the stove.

After a lot of looking and measuring, Rollie says the one we liked best would fit and he could install it EASY!! Here's Rollie finishing up our installation of the new Micro. Of course, the wiring and the vent all had to be redone also.

Here is the finished product all working and looking good. Nice job Rollie, and Ms Pat is Happy, Happy. When Ms Pat is Happy, ole "whats his name" is Happy!! (Me):-)

Then yesterday the new frig came. They installed it and here it is... Now it's looking better around here.. The refer and the micro go together quite well, and the sink is stainless. Now all we're waiting for is our kitchen/dining table. It is a little overdue because of a back-order, but thankfully we have the screened in Porch with the patio set to eat on. There's still lots to be done but it's shaping up!!

It's a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Wow, I've had some kind of a hard time getting the Blog published this morning. Every kind of problem you can think of... Router, Antenna, Laptop or a combination of everything... has slowed me down. Pictures wouldn't load, everything was all so slow moving.  Just one of those mornings where nothing would go right. I was so sick of hassling with it at 6am, I said to "^*%#"  with it and went on with our walk and started all over when we got back. Sorry I'm late.....

A big Welcome to Glenn and Bobbi our latest Followers, who are # 79. We're getting closer to 100 Followers every jump in and help me get there. Just a short time ago it was 50. See ya in Custer, Bobbi and Glenn!

God Bless you all and thanks for stopping by......


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Mark and Dortha said...

Wow...looking good. Pat and Gina are doing a great job. Well, I guess you and Rolli have helped a little. LOL

Hugs to you all.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

The place is really looking good. Great pictures and looks like you are getting some expert help.

Rick and Paulette said...

Nice comfy looking sofa and chair! The new fridge and microwave unit look pretty spiffy too - like the solid black!


Really like the loveseat and ottoman.... also the cat nap table and windmill !
Kitchen area is so nice, looks like it will be a pleasure to work in !
Great job!


Jerry and Suzy said...

You guys are becoming real homeowners again! Now you'll be buing more stuff to fill all the empty spaces, then have to get a storage building like Al is emptying out just to put other stuff in! Maybe you can move Al's building down to North Ranch!

By the way, we love the convection oven in our motorhome, but don't need it so much in the trailer, as we hae a "real" oven.

Your place looks great! Gotta come up and see it some time.

Randy and Terry said...

The place looks great! So homey. Enjoy.