Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pat’s New Desk.

Ms. Pat looked and looked for a desk to make an office here in our new house. We looked all over Prescott and Phoenix and she couldn't find exactly what she wanted. She started looking online, when one day she said "I found it"! I looked it over and we agreed that this one should work great. Plus, there was FREE shipping. It wasn't long until UPS was backing up to our front door and the driver jumped out and said "I have two BIG-HEAVY boxes for you",
It always amazes me the way they can pack so much into these shipping boxes. Imagine, a complete DESK in these two boxes.
Soon we had parts and pieces, bolts and screw’s everywhere! Carefully, trying to follow the directions that were laid out in some other language than I learned in school, we started putting it together. Ms. Pat says “I think this leg goes here”. You sure that’s the right one, are they both the same or is there a left and right?
Humm, lets see now. It says part B fits into part C and you tighten up the H screws. OK, that sounds simple enough.”????”
Ms. Pat laughs as I cut up trying to calm my Irish temper from making me throw this thing out in the back yard. Now I know we can do this… Gina would say “Don’t get stressed Pops”!Smile
It begins to take shape as Ms. Pat checks the directions ONE more time..
FINALLY with Ms. Pat’s perseverance and patience and my skill (LOL), we got it..CPU caddy and all!!
She LIKES IT!!  This will work perfect and not take up a lot of room…….
Here it is all set up with her computer and printer from the Motorhome. She is HAPPY! Now she doesn’t have to go out and work in the RV. Next, she says she will replace that red box with a nice File Cabinet. OK, we gotta keep the President/CEO of our PressurePro company HAPPY!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!


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On a much sadder note,  we just received word that Mike Nielsen, our friend and fellow Church member in Custer, SD, went to be with the Lord early this morning.  We first told you about him in our Blog post a month or so ago.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bonnie and his family during this very, sad time in their lives.  We pray that God will wrap his loving arms around them and give them comfort in knowing that Mike is with Him in Heaven and is no longer suffering from this terrible disease.

God Bless you all!!  And remember to tell your family and friends you love them...they may not be around forever.


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Jerry and Suzy said...

That is a neat looking desk for sure. We know what you mean by assembly instructions written in a language you didn't grow up with. But then again, nearly everything today is in a different language that we grew up in, even if it is in today's English! Question about that desk, though. Does the keyboard stay under the glass top so Ms Pat reaches in to it? Yes, there's a glass top so she can see the keyboard, but your picture shows that glass top fully covered, just like my desk top is fully covered. Ms Pat must be a keyboard wizard to work blindfolded like that!

Muffy's Marks said...

Whoooooooooo the Mr. and I can get into some real matches when we attempt to assemble things like the desk. Proud of you two to have patience and see humor in the situation.

Sue and Doug said...

great looking desk and fine team work putting it all together!..I can relate to reading the directions in a different language!..I though Ms. Pat had given up and was doing laundry instead!
sorry to hear about your friend..our thoughts go out to his family at this sad time.


Desk looks good & looks very functional. Know what you mean by putting things together & having the urge to throw the whole project out the window. Happens to me all the time with my impatience for assembling things or mechanical projects. Fortunately we have Kelly here who seems to have a knack at putting things together. We assembled our Ikea RV furniture a few years back & that was quite an adventure to say the least!! Looks like ya did good there though because I didn't see a crumpled desk laying in the driveway anywhere:))