Sunday, July 17, 2011

That was quick!!

This 1991 Chevy pickup belonged to my Dad. He bought it back in 1991 when it was like new. He and Mom loved this little truck. In 1998 when Dad had to stop driving, Pat and I bought it from them. That same year, we bought this Palomino Pop-up Camper. It sure has been handy to have over the years.  We took it to Yellowstone one Fall and spent 10 days there. A few overnight Fishing trips and a nice place to stay when Dad was in the Hospital in Scottsbluf.  It's been a fun unit.

The other day we drove it out to the Park for our morning walk, when I mentioned to Ms. Pat how well it ran and drove. It’s one thing I have left from Mom and Dad’s era that I just can’t give up. Ms. Pat said that we don’t use the Camper anymore and that we should sell it. That way we could use the pickup a little more and haul stuff easier. Gee, I thought, Hey, that’s a good idea. That evening I put an ad and a couple pictures on Craigslist.
WOW, not 10 minutes and that ad was already getting results, Ms. Pat’s phone rang and she said “It’s a call on the Camper” and handed me the phone.  What, I couldn't believe it.That was just the start.....more calls and several emails later a gentleman from Billings, MT and another from Sheridan, WY wanted it. So we jumped up the next morning and began taking our stuff out of it and cleaning it up a little. That took several hours but we already had people headed our way to look at it. Gosh it cleaned up well.  This camper is in excellent shape. Do we really want to sell it? Woops,...too late! The folks from Sheridan, WY jumped in their truck and headed this way. He told me “I’m almost sure we will take it so please hold it."  Pat and I sat down for a couple minutes for a little rest, as we were both exhausted and this just happened to be the hottest day so far this summer.
Shortly after Larry and Anita arrived from Sheridan, WY. which is about 200 miles away, they looked it over and handed us the CASH!  So, I unbolted it from my Truck and we began installing the brackets on his truck.   Meanwhile, people were calling from far and near to see if it was sold yet.
Soon it was ready to back under and bolt it down..
Off they go headed back to Sheridan.....HAPPY CAMPERS!!!  Larry and Anita were neat folks and fun to work with. Hope you guys enjoy the little camper as much as we did……….
There it goes,,,,,,another part of our life. I do get a little sentimentally attached to stuff, especially in my old age, and it's always a little bit sad for me to see things go.
I bet the little ole Pickup misses it's old friend too.  They've been buddies for 13 years!!  It sure looks strange without the camper but a lot more usable!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
Meanwhile, during all this "hullabaloo", our good friends Ron and Barb arrived. Ron was a real trooper and was a great help in getting the mounts removed from my truck and installed on Larry's truck. Here is their nice rig all settled in on our spot #1.  We are looking forward to spending some time with them. Like right now, we are off for our walk in the PARK!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and please come on back Wednesday and see what other mischief we can find to get into here on our little spot on the mountain.  We continue to thank our Heavenly Father for his bountiful blessings.

Travel safe !! God Bless!!


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Janna and Mike said...

Craigslist works doesn't it!! Glad to see you guys are having a great summer.

michael ultra said...

I do love Craigslist. I sold my truck camper two months ago, also on the day it was listed.

Sue and Doug said...

craigslist is great tool for selling no longer wanted items!!..nice when it all works out!..hope the new owners enjoy the camper!!

Rene' and Jeanette Genereux said...

Nice truck. Truly understand why you would want to hold on to it.

Jim and Sandie said...

That was quick. And I think the new owners were extremely happy with their purchase.


Know what you mean by hanging on to stuff with a sentimental feeling to them. Always happens to me with every vehicle, blown out running shoes, old torn shirt, RV or whatever.

Bruce said...

That was a real neat camper. Remember when you showed it to us and how comfy it was inside. Can understand how you hated to see it go..

Ron and Barb said...

So you were the flashes of light last night! We are so glad to be here and we are looking forward to our time with you.

Larry and Anita said...

Hello Mike and Pat, What a cool blog! I am so glad Anita and I are the ones to carry on the story of the little Palomino. We will be back and plan on staying in touch. Larry and Anita

Happytrails said...

You may have sold the camper top of the truck but you still have your Dad's pick-up. It will be more usable for you and Pat and the camper can be used to bring joy and happiness for the ones that bought it. All folks are winners and your Dad would be proud of you for passing on to someone else the joy of camping.

Jammin' Along said...

You're not kidding...that was quick! One more thing off the plate. It's always sad to see things go but remember the feeling when you de-cluttered to live the RV lifestyle....FREEDOM!

By the way, what's up with Rollie & Gina? No post since May 1st...that's not like them. Hope everything is ok. Please tell them they're missed!!

Cheers! ~M