Sunday, October 26, 2008

We're in FLORIDA!!!!

HOORAY!! Yesterday morning we pulled in to John Palmer's Solar City way back in the woods at Lake City, FL. about 11:00am. It was misting and raining off and on all the way from Thomasville, GA. Now to rejuvenate our batteries and solar system. This may take a few days but John is an excellent Solar installer and troubleshooter, so he will have us operating efficiently without shore power REAL SOON.....we hope!
CAMPFIRES are a nightly occasion at John Palmers Solar place. Lots of old and new friends and "conversation" take place at the "nightly fire"!!!
Our beautiful campsite at The Solar Guy's place near Lake City, FLORIDA
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Last Monday in Little Rock, the Amana repairman arrived about noon and installed the new compressor that had been delivered and waiting on him! It was quite a job and took him a good 3 hours. He was a very competent repairman and has been doing it for 26 years! He did a good job and we were extremely grateful to have a FRIG again!!!

Tuesday the frig was still cooling in good shape, so we hooked up and pulled to the Goodyear tire shop and backed up to their work door. They were quite impressed when we just hit the BIGFOOT jacks and raised all 6 wheels off the ground so they could get to work. Neat, they were impressed. That sure solves how to jack this big rig up!!!

The OLD wheels and tires.(above)
And the NEW Wheels and Tires.(above) Actually I think the OLD wheels are "sportier" looking than the new ones............But thats the way it goes!!!!

When they took off the bad tire that I had changed when we had the tread separation, I noticed the back side was covered with BRAKE FLUID. Hummm, I had checked and didn't see where the hydraulic brake line was damaged, but upon closer inspection, it was evident that it had caused a crack in the line and we were losing fluid. UGH, now another problem to get repaired before we can leave. :-( About time for our luck to change!!! We had become quite friendly with the tire shop manager, so we ask him if he knew a place that could repair our broken brake line. "AH,HA", he said "I know a guy that does that kind of work a lot and his shop is just ONE block away, let me call him and see if I can get you in". WOW, maybe our luck is changing??? He came back and said "Yes, he will do it, pull on down there". After a couple hours and a new section of brake line all formed, shaped and installed, we were on our way back to the campground. Now to get all set to hit the road in the morning!!! Whew!!! Thank God for happy hours!!!!

While we were at the Tire Shop, the manager made us such a good deal on 4 new drive tires on our BIG TRUCK that we couldn't pass it up. SO, with 6 new TIRES and 6 new WHEELS on the Teton and 4 new DRIVE TIRES on the truck, we were set to GO!!!

It was a GREAT week!!!! God Bless.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, tell your kids you love them, they may not be around forever.


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike and Pat --
Goodness, problems up the gazoo! We thought we had problems last spring before we left on our major trip in our 7-year-old motorhome, but they were petty compared to what you are going through.

Have fun in Florida, we'll follow along with you and see you in Casa Grande in February!

Mikel said...

Nice blog. I'll trade you problems, though. I'll even throw in a couple extra for nothin';)