Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Megabyte2 is HOME,,,,,,,,

Megabyte2 is back home in Mission, TX. right here in Retama Village where we met 10 months ago. The BIG question is,,,,,,does she remember? Please all you Pet people and especially you Cat lovers, tell me.... does she know this is where she came from?  She doesn't go outside, but looks out all the windows all the time.  Of course, she does that wherever we are.

The BIGGER question is,,,,,,does she remember her old friend "TOM", the Tom Cat she was living with here and the guy that got her in a family way? We didn't know for sure if he would still be around when we got back this Fall, but we had only been here a couple days and sure enough, there he was!!  Early one morning before daylight I walked outside and he suddenly appeared out of the darkness. He was meowing like crazy, but still wouldn't let me touch him. Remember last year I fed him along with Megabyte2 for a couple months. Then I looked up in the window and there was Mega2 looking out at him.....she started meowing too!

Now did they recognize each other after being apart for 10 months? They didn't get close, but they DID see each other.   I didn't feed Ole' Tom this time, but he acted awful hungry and I sure wanted to feed him. I sorta ignored him for 2 or 3 mornings in a row and he stopped showing up.  He did come through our yard during the daylight time one day and sure enough Mega2 saw him that time too, but he was here and gone and didn't linger. Now Ms Mega2 does get excited anywhere we are if she sees another Cat or even a Dog or really almost any animal.

So you tell me,,,,my friends, do they recognize each other or not? They didn't get to talk or get close to each other so there was no smelling invoved.  Please don't even suggest it!!!!!  We can NOT have another Cat!!! Ms Megabyte2 gets ALL of our attention and NO she doesn't need a Playmate!......  He IS a neat Cat tho...:-)

                                            Old Tom last winter

Well, thankfully it cooled off a little down here in the Rio Grande Valley.  It has been about 61 each morning when we go on our walk and that is nice.  It gets up to 80-85-90 in the afternoon and it hasn't been quite so humid.

Sunday morning it was comfortably cooler and we decided it would be a nice time for our first longer Bike ride in the Valley on the Harley. So we got all our leathers on and decided to see what we could find.  We took off toward the East and finally got out in the country.

We went about 40 miles and stopped at a Picnic area to stretch and Ms Pat was checking the map.

We looked back to the West where we had come from and saw this:

We then looked to the  East the way we were headed and saw this:

Back to the Map!!!

Well, it was a nice morning for a ride and since it was Sunday morning there wasn't a lot of traffic yet, but there sure wasn't anything to see!!!!  40 miles of this was about enough, so we turned around and went back to the local Harley Dealership in McAllen. 

There were a few other riders around there and we enjoyed spending some time looking at all the Bikes and the fancy Harley Garb. Then we headed on the last 10 miles home.  80 miles round trip and it was enjoyable. We are extending our rides a little more each time and this is our longest so far, but I doubt either of us has the desire to go on great, long trips. This Harley is real comfortable to ride and cruises right along but "I ain't as good once as I once was".  I admit it!!

The parking lot at the RGV Harley Dealership, McAllen, TX.

That's about it so far this week from down here on the Border....

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Remember now, all my Cat friends,,,,,,I'm waiting for your expert opinions..

God Bless you all!!


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squawmama said...

Good Morning... I know nothing about cats but in my heart I think animals have memories... Not sure if that is true though. I guess I have watched to many Disney movies. LOL LOL Have a great day and be careful on that motorcycle...

Travel Safe

Bruce said...

Yes they recognize each other. Cats have an uncanny way of direction and location and memory. Watch out for that gigolo Tom, he only has one thing on his mind.
If you get to McAllen again and want to meet one of the neatest guys living - look up Robert Soto and tell him Bruce and Carol sent you. He is a Christian minister and full blooded Apache. He is one of the very neatest and most interesting guys I have ever known in my life. I have learned so much from him. If you happen to attend one of his Christian services I would like to hear about it. He does traditional, Indian, and one with drums. This man is brilliant, gentle spirit, and a committed Christian. To sit at his feet for an hour is priceless with wisdom and learning.. Bruce

Jerry and Suzy said...

We don't know about cat memories, but we have memories of cats through the years. Most recently Sam Cat. Sam was about 14 years old when we got him from a shelter as a companion for Suzy's Mom who was in her early 90s at the time. The "two old cats" mostly just sat all day, Sam on MaMary's lap, both of them purring contentedly. He was a Maine Coon, a great big cat, and he helped keep MaMary warm. They were together three or four years. Sam died shortly before we took to the road, with MaMary along for the start of Our Life on Wheels.

Rick and Paulette said...

Sorry, can't help you with the cats, Mike as I have enough problems just watching my dogs and trying to figure out what they might be thinking!! Those blue skies you are following with your Harley sure look nice, though!!

John and Carol said...

When we still had a stick house, we would drive back into the neighborhood after 7 or 8 months on the road and both cats would get excited, sit up and take notice. We know they knew we were back home. But I don't know about memories of other cats.

John and Carol said...

When we still had a stick house, we would drive back into the neighborhood after 7 or 8 months on the road and both cats would get excited, sit up and take notice. We know they knew we were back home. But I don't know about memories of other cats.

John Huber said...

I don't know if you read Kathy's Kampground Kapers blog, but I though you might want to check it out.
She just lost her 39 year old son, and I thought you might want to give her some support.

Anonymous said...

Thursday AM - Good Morning, Being cat lovers, and seldom having been without one, I think they have memories of places and people but you took care of Ms Megabytes 2's greatest allure for Tom. Of course, if you feed him that might all change!!!!
At the recent Gypsy journal rally with the Class 0f 2007 we befriended a kitten, named Gypsy by the group!! She is a cutie but has had some medical problems we are dealing with at present. I can't resist fur that purrs especially those that are in need!!! Could never work at a shelter!!
hugs, Barb & Bob Williams

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Thanks for your good thoughts sent my way. I know this will take time... time being the healer of all wounds (not discounting The Healer). I am searching old photos this week. His memorial service won't be until next month. Bittersweet.

Of course the cats remember each other! My dachshunds have been happily married for almost ten years! You can read all about my canine family at Letters To Gavin. The link is on my blog.

Allan and Jeanne said...

I asked Katie this morning but she is not talking, she is in hiding under the bed, she thinks it is another travel day and she would rather stay put. She will come out when we go to town in a little while. Actually I believe cats do recognize certain cats and dogs they have been around. Have a great time in Texas. We are in Ohio working our way south.
Allan and Jeanne

Debbie Goode said...

Of course she remembers....and no woman ever forgets their first love...LOL!