Sunday, October 25, 2009

What in the world is a PowerTank?

You have heard me refer to a PowerTank before I'm sure.  If you're like a lot of us RV'ers, you like neat gadgets! Especially those that make life SO MUCH EASIER......

This is a picture of Ms Pat topping off one of our front tires on the Truck with our PowerTank..

Posted by PicasaIf you own an RV....Motorhome, 5th wheel, large Travel trailer or Towing are rolling on HIGH PRESSURE tires. These tires are made to carry the very, heavy loads of large road vehicles and trailers. For maximum tire safety, tire longevity, and fuel economy, it is critical that these tires be kept properly inflated.

Some of these tires require as much as 130 PSI. Compressed air to fill these tires can be difficult to find. If you have an air compressor or your Diesel engine, its pressure would have to be at least 30 PSI above your max tire pressures in order to fill your tires effectively. Your best option would be to have a "PowerTank".

The RV PowerTank is a unique new Air System designed specifically to tackle this problem and does it in a compact, lightweight and easily portable design.

Go to our website, PowerTank, or the Company website, Advanced Air Systems, Inc., and study this system.  Check out the FAQ section on our website and/or the Company website.  If our websites do not answer your questions, please call or email us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Briefly, I will tell you that it is a specially designed "High Pressure Valve" on a special Tank filled with CO2.  It will raise one of these big tires from 90PSI to 120PSI in just over a minute and it is totally silent. You can fill your tires in the early morning in a campground and not wake everyone up.  

Take a owe it to yourself!! Here is what one of our customers has to say about the PowerTank System:  Mark Bruss

This is our Harley Heritage Softail sitting in front of the Coach House right after I unloaded it, wiped it down and re-dressed the leather Saddlebags and Seat.

Isn't it Beautiful? I love this Bike, the way it looks, the way it rides and handles. As you know it is a Peace Officers Special Edition? Not many people notice this. Below is a picture of the Badge it has on the front fender.

In the picture below I'm holding my old badge in my hand next to it.

Here is another thing that a lot of folks don't notice.

It's not hard to see who I have dedicated this bike to. If you read the side bar on my Blog, you know who Scooter is. I think of him often when I'm riding.....wishing I could talk to him again.  But, I know he rides along with us and I can see him smiling and saying "Att'a boy Dad".

We are going to take another ride this morning. Although it isn't daylight out yet, it's 68 deg, the stars are out, a few light clouds, but no wind. It looks like a beautiful day. Shortly after daylight, we will head West this time to see what we can find in that direction.. There is not a lot of traffic on Sunday morning early, so that makes for a good time to ride. I hate traffic and boy there is a ton of it here most of the time...way to much for my comfort.

Thanks for stopping by......

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!


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Rick and Paulette said...

That Power Tank does look like the perfect solution for inflating tires - especially in that big Volvo you have! That is a beautiful bike too, and the personal touches you have added just make it all the more "special". Have a great week!

Jerry and Suzy said...

You're shameless, Mike, making us read a commercial! But that's a good product and you are proud of it, so go ahead once in a while and tell the story. We really don't mind, especially when you end up with a picture of your shiny bike!
Have a good ride!

Carol said...

everything looks great and I love Pat's crocs too! hope the ride was good and wonder if you checked out Robert's church??

enjoy that beautiful weather. we got about 5" of snow this a.m.


Nick Russell said...

Great looking bike, Mike. Be careful in all that traffic.

Bruce said...

Aren't you suppose to have streamers coming out the handle grips?
Even without the streamers it is a very cool bike.


Yep, that power tank idea sure makes a lot of good sense alright. We do have an air compressor on board but it probably wouldn't blow up 2 balloons at the same time!!