Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's a GREAT life.

Yes, it is a GREAT life, if you don't weaken. Ya just gotta keep plugging along. I continue to give Thanks for all the blessings we have. There is good in almost everything, some things it's a little harder to find than it is in others but it's there.  I'm happy to report that our WELL is still working perfectly! Praise the Lord for that!

Wednesday after I posted my Blog, Pat and I went into Custer to renew our Driver License. They come to town the first 3 Wednesday's of each month and ours both expire this year. The older I get the more I worry about this little task. Maybe it's because I know it's going to get tougher and tougher to maintain driving privileges as we get older. I remember when my Dad lost his driver license because his eyesight was failing, it devastated him and I felt so sorry for him.  It was about the only thing he had left and it really put a crimp in his lifestyle.  We fail to realize what that little piece of paper means to us. Think about it, what would you do if suddenly you couldn't get it? Thankfully, we both came through in flying colors! So, we're good for another 5 years....more Praise to the Lord!! 

The hardest part was getting all the information together that was required.   Boy, they want everything!  Proof of an address, proof of your Social Security number, and your Birth Certificate or Passport.  Pat finally dug up her S/S card, but I couldn't find mine. Gosh, old retired guys never use a S/S card. It's been years since I was asked for one. My Medicare card was unacceptable.  I had a Passport, but that wouldn't work. They said they would accept a 1099 so we had to come back home and find a 1099 with my S/S number on it. Took that with us and got back in line. Wait, wait and more wait.....finally our turn comes and we are approved. Now, look through the eye machine and read the letters.  Phew....we made that.  OK, now the Examiner said "that will be $20 bucks each, stand in front of the camera, then have a seat". Wait a little longer and we're outta there! Took us all morning but it is accomplished.  Hurray!

When we got home, we decided to take the 4 wheeler out in the forest for a while  It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed the hills and the views were spectacular. We ended up down at Broken Arrow Campground where we had a nice visit with owners Larry and Geri Gustafson. Their Park was busy and filling up fast.

Our good friends, Ann and Gene Benson, from Stillwater, OK were in the Denver area and decided to come up and see us.  Thank goodness they did... it was so good to see them. Gene and Ann are super folks and a joy to be around. They previously had a Peterbilt Heavy Duty Truck and pulled a 40' Travel Supreme 5TH wheel. A little over a year ago, they sold the truck and 5TH wheel and purchased this nice 45' Travel Supreme Motorhome...... it's a BEAUTY!!!

We were particularly interested in how they liked their Motorhome, since that is what we are considering getting.  They love it and told us what we hear so often...that since they have a house and just use the Motorhome for travel it works out great for them. It's almost a given that a 5TH wheel has more room. At least, ours sure does. We have never found a Motorhome that has the space, both upstairs and down that our Teton has, and we've looked at dozens and dozens of them up to and including the 45 ft 'ers. I tried to talk Gene into a trade, but he wouldn't listen. Now we could handle a Motorhome like this!!

Gene and Ann had to head back home and departed yesterday (Saturday) morning. We hated to see them leave and asked them to stay on but they are busy people and had to go. We are so glad they came on up from Denver and spent couple days with us. 

We are always sad when our friends leave us so Pat and I went out to our favorite hiking place and got in a quick 3.5 mile hike. After lunch, we cranked up the Harley and rode the hills for a couple hours. It was another gorgeous day.We stopped at a beautiful, quiet, secluded spot and inhaled the beauty of this great country, recalling many of the memories of the past and again thanking God for what he has so graciously given us.   We got home just in time for a nice hot shower and Happy Hour!! Plus, since it was Saturday,our party night, we had our usual bowl of Popcorn. :-)  Life is good.

It's only a little over a week and our "Kids" Rollie and Gina will be here for the summer!! Gosh, I can hardly wait!  It's been over a month since we said  our "goodbyes"to them the day after Mikel's funeral in Tucson. It was hard to see them head East as we headed back West. Pat and I got so close with them at North Ranch, I didn't ever want to see them go. They are such a wonderful, loving Christian couple and it will be so good to have them back with us. They have definitely filled a void in our life and they may NEVER get away from us again!! :-) 

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

God Bless You All!!!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Sounds like a great week, all right. Like your Dad, my Dad lost his will to live once the state cancelled his Driver License. You have the ability in Custer to go quickly out to such beautiful places for quiet or inspiration or whatever. And you don't need the license to drive that 4-wheeler in that country, do you?

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Happy Father's Day Pop's, You are definitely a MIRACLE from the Lord. We have truly been blessed to have such an AWESOME Pop's. Gina was so touched that she cried when she read what you wrote. We love Y'all & we'll see y'all real soon. Yeahhhhh!!!!

Your Kids

Rick and Paulette said...

Interesting reading on how much info and documentation you needed to renew your driver's license. I just renewed mine a few weeks ago and all I had to show was my old driver's license, with my picture on it, and any other piece of plastic with my name on it(i.e. Health Care Card, Visa Card etc).

I could sure see you and Pat traveling around in that big, beautiful MH too.

Happytrails said...

It is so nice to hear someone write and praise God for so many blessing. You just don't hear enough of that anymore in this world. You and Pat are a blessing to so many people. Thank you...we are Christians too.
I have gotten to know Rollie and Gina via Facebook and their blog. They remind me so much of you and Pat. Just great Christian people. I can see why you all are so close to each other.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Too Many Cats said...

Been there and done that with our driver’s license! So, when you travel – where does Ms. Megabyte2 ride? Is she up front with you? Does she like traveling? Only 1 of our 4 cats like to hit the road, but the others have learned to tolerate the ride. Sandy

Too Many Cats said...

The prices on the pre-owned big Bluebirds have really come down over the past several years. Rigs that sold new for over $750,000 are way down. Randy Dupree (who used to run dupree dump valves company) lists some of them at .


Sharon Del Rosario said...

I'm puzzled as to why you had to produce so many pieces of ID in South Dakota. I renewed my SD driver license last summer, and all I needed was my old (about to expire) SD license. Glad you were successful, anyway.

Thanks for your uplifting stories of enjoying this beautiful country!

Ali said...

Glad to hear the well is still working. Love those answers to prayer.

Ron had to show his current drivers license and his birth certificate to get his license renewed here in WA state. He did that in March before we hit the road with the carnival.