Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ah, Now That’s Better!!

Now this is the Arizona I Love! 50’s when we get up and 70’s-80’s during the day. We are even getting back to our walks every day. We leave about 7am while it is still a little cooler and go a tad farther every day. It sure is a lot harder to get back in shape than it is to get out of shape.

Monday as we were walking past our other lot here at North Ranch, I told Ms. Pat I wanted to stop and check out some of the weeds I had sprayed the day before and see if it did any good.  As I was in the back of our lot checking the weeds out, I suddenly heard “Honey....come over here, there is a PROBLEM”! I hurried over to our neighbor Pat Holowell’s place next door where Ms. Pat was. She has a Park Model (little house) on that lot and it was in a "lake" of water and you could hear and see water running out from under the place. I mean it was Pouring! UhOh, yes, we do have a big PROBLEM!!

We knew that the house was vacant, as Pat H. had just recently moved to an Assisted Living place in Wickenburg. I told Ms. Pat that we had to shut the water off at the street and it takes a special tool,.  She knew our neighbor Paul on the other side had one of those tools. It was just a little after 7am,but we know they get up early, so off she ran. Meanwhile, I checked to see if the house was open. It wasn’t but we know that another neighbor Julie has a key. While Paul and I shut off the main water supply with his special tool, Ms. Pat ran to get Julie so we could check inside. Soon we had the back door open and found about 3 inches of water over the entire bathroom, kitchen, hall and bedroom. Paul turned the water back on so I could see where the water was coming from.  I found a split piece of PVC pipe under the bathroom sink.  Water was spraying and gushing everywhere.  Paul quickly shut the water off again and I asked him if he had a water vac.  He said he did, so he ran home to get that. We spent the next hour or so getting all the water we could vacuumed out.

Whew, it was a mess! We opened all the doors and windows, turned on all the ceiling fans and put a couple extra fans on the floor.   With the low humidity in Arizona, things dry out real fast but this place was really soaked, down threw the carpet, linoleum, and the laminate wood flooring into the sub flooring. Julie had called Pat H. (the owner) on the phone and I advised her of the problem and what all we had done. I told her that she needed to report this to her Insurance Company ASAP so they could get an Adjuster out to see the damage and determine what they needed to do.  I knew the flooring and carpet needed to be removed.  Poor Gal.  I felt so sorry for her.  She sure didn’t need this to happen. It was lucky Ms. Pat and I just happened to walk by and see it.  It might have gone on for hours before anybody discovered it since it was at the back of the house.

Other than those exciting things happening, it's pretty much business as usual here at the Ranch. As I work around the place, I remember at this time last year we were just moving into our new home here on Vagabond Trail. As I look at the place now, it’s amazing how different it looks. Here is a picture of the front yard when we moved in.
Below is a picture after Rollie ,Gina, Pat and I worked really hard cleaning it up.
I think it looks a 100% better, don’t you?
Not only does the outside look a lot different but check the Porch out when we moved in (above). Now look at it (below).
Much better, right?  I could go on with each and every room in the entire house.  It is so much more to our liking and we love it. Rollie and Gina, we owe so much to you for all the help, idea’s and hard work.  We can never thank you enough. It is so comfortable and we love it!

I would like to go on and on and show you the changes in all the other rooms but this Blog is too long the way it is. I’ll save that for another time…..

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Praise the Lord and God Bless you all! Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you back this Sunday.

Travel Safe.


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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

You guys sure are life savers by seeing that leak and minimizing the damage, your place really looks nice, Thank God you had Gina & Rollies help, they are such good people.Glad to hear you weather is improving I hope ours is too. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Donna aka Froggi said...

So glad you guys were there to find and stop the water. Egad!! What a mess!

Hope to see you guys in AZ next winter...we'll be at Q, then boondocking in Jan, on to Yuma for Feb/Mar.

Donna K said...

So glad you happened by when you did and that you are the type of people to help a neighbor. Hope it all works out okay for Pat H. You were certainly a blessing to her.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I am sure she is very grateful that you were able to stop the leak and start the cleanup.

That is a good example why I turn off the water in the motorhome even if we are going to be gone just a few hours. I have seen water pouring out of a locked RV more than once during are travels.


Being in the right place at the right is one thing but knowing exactly what to do & how to solve the problem is pretty darn special.

Sue and Doug said...

way to go and fix the problem!!!..good for you all!..everyone needs neighbours like you all!
nice work on all the renovations!!..with just little help from your friends!!

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Your new home is beautiful, and the porch remodel has turned that into the focal point for happy hour fun!

Nice work on spotting the neighbor's water problems and dealing with it so quickly. Without the neighbors, none of us could have absentee homes, cause this stuff just happens!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Glad you were so attentive to the neighbor's plight!

Your porch/patio area looks GREAT!

Karen and Steve
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