Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hey, it’s not SUMMER yet, is it?

What is this, some kind of an April “FOOL’s Joke? It was just the 1st day of SPRING a couple week’s ago on March 20th.
John and Sandy completed with Sandy’s driving school and she passed with “flying colors” . They were planning to leave the next day (Friday) so we decided to have a little Happy Hour celebration followed by a quick bite to eat at our place.  Congratulation’s Sandy!!!!!  John says he picked up quite a few pointers in driving a 40’ Motorhome also, so it was a GREAT experience for both of them. John and I continued to sit around and tell old war stories about our old job’s in Law enforcement. During our conversations, they told us they are in the process of building a "sticks & bricks" home in Casa Grande.  It's going to be a nice one.  Check it out on their Blog

We enjoyed having them with us and look forward to seeing them again in the not too distant future. They wanted to go North a ways where it is a little cooler.  It was a whopping “91”* her at North Ranch that day. We gave them directions on how to get North to Prescott from here. They departed on Friday, April 1st and it got up to 95* that afternoon.  Holy Cow!   That’s the hottest it’s ever gotten here since we have been coming here for over 12 years. It went over 100 in Phoenix breaking a record there, also. Wow, That’s HOT!!  Fortunately, it’s only about 8% humidity, so if you get in the shade it's not so bad.  DSC_3066
Yesterday was “Garage Sale” Saturday here at North Ranch and the entire place was covered with folks out front selling there “junk” and lots of others going up and down all the streets finding their “Treasures”. It was a beautiful day and fortunately there were a few clouds that kept the sun from making it so warm.
Here is Ms. Pat in our front yard with our “junk” making a sale. We did pretty good and sold a bunch. The good thing about having stuff out to sell ourselves, it keeps us home and not out buying more “JUNK”.  It never ceases to amaze me.  The stuff we put out that is “junk” usually sells right away. The stuff we put out that we feel is nice, doesn’t sell. :-)

That’s about the extent of the excitement this week here at the Ranch. Our good friends and old neighbors Paul and Nancy invited us up to their house for a very enjoyable “Happy Hour”  last night. Nancy made some delicious "stuffed" Jalapenos.  Wow...they were so good we didn't even need any dinner. Thanks for the treat, Nancy. We sure miss being closer neighbors to these fine folks.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Let's hope it’s not QUITE Summer yet, as I’m not QUITE ready for those 90’s!

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Well, we're off to Church.  Thanks to all for stopping by.  God Bless and remember to tell your loved ones that you love them, they may not be around forever.

Travel Safe!!


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Don't know about the wildlife in North Ranch, but here in Benson it is suddenly lizard season. The little rascals are all over the place. Up till last week, we hadn't seen one, now they are coming out of wherever they go the rest of the year. Oh yeah, moths too! Our travel plans are shaping up. If we don't have anh problems with the motorhome at this week's rally, we should be at North Ranch April 19 and 20. We'll let you know, and hope you can stick around in your summer weather until we get there!


Whoa, those temps are sounding way to hot for this guy. I dislike hot weather as much as I dislike cold weather. Always figured a little place higher up in the mountains somewhere would be ideal down there for the summer. Always figure if a furnace or A/C has to be used then the extremes are too great. Guess I'm just looking for a place in Paradise:))

Sue and Doug said...

what a nice warm day for a garage sale!!!..hopefully someone was selling sunscreen!!