Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another FIRST for Me!

Yep, another first for me. But first I want to thank you all for the kind remarks and those of you that came online for the first time and convinced me that I should keep on publishing the Wednesday Blog. Thank you very much....I really needed that.  Now I can’t wait for Wednesday to come so I can give you some more of my HOT AIR!!  It's nice to know you are out there.  As the old saying goes, "I’m definitely not a Writer, or a Writer's Son, but I’ll write til' the Writers come!!" :-) Glad to hear there are a bunch of you that enjoy hearing about Guns and Reloading. To those of you that don’t, well I'll try to throw something your way, too.

My FIRST was yesterday at the Wickenburg Gun club.  It was their monthly 3 Gun Shoot. That is where you shoot 3 different guns in a match.  I went out really just to watch and see if I might be interested sometime in the future.  OK, well I just took my little Ruger 10.22 rifle and my 12 Ga tactical shotgun along with me just in case and of course, the  new Ruger .45 Cal  1911 pistol. Pat and I looked things over and saw the 4 different scenario's they had set up that involved a lot of paper silhouette targets along with a lot of steel targets.   Oh Boy, this looked like Fun, Fun, Fun.  I told Ms. Pat that I thought I would sign up and give it a try. She said “Go for it, you can do it”.  She wasn’t feeling too hot herself and decided to pass this time and just give me moral support. Which I needed!


Let me tell you, 3 hours of solid shooting was literally a Blast!  You lay all your guns on a table,  start out under a timer shooting the shotgun at the steel targets, then run over and get the rifle and shoot several rounds in all the many different paper targets, shooting from different locations, around barrels, through windows and around walls.  Then finish it off with several rounds from your pistol. I had fun!!  I can tell you for sure, Ms. Pat will be out there and participating next month at the 3 Gun Shoot!!
Thanksgiving day, as I mentioned, we decided on having a small little deal here at home, just the two of us. That way we didn’t have to get dressed up and go somewhere. We could just relax around home. Well, some of us could relax! Ms. Pat was as busy as a bee in her kitchen making things smell real good!
I'm not one that ever likes to show pictures of food but it's necessary to make an exception on special occasions. This WAS a special occasion!   She took this Turkey Breast out of the oven to turn it over and I grabbed a picture… Ummmm, sure looks and smells good!
Aww, and another one of my favorite dishes was cooking away and smellin' mighty good. I didn’t even know such a thing as “Greens” existed until I moved to Florida in about 1977. We never had these in the Midwest where I was raised the first 40 years of my life.  These are Kale greens, one of my favorites.   But, down South mostly, they have Collards, Turnips and Mustard greens.  I love them all, especially with some good ole hot pepper sauce on them!
Then, of course, there was deviled eggs.....yet another of my favorites. Ms. Pat adds spinach and bacon bits to her deviled eggs, which makes them extra “special” in my book!

Then, as usual, it all came together with a toast of Champagne and few moments to thank our Father in Heaven for all His Blessings.  I ate until I was.....well stuffed!! Thank you, My Dear, for another wonderful Thanksgiving meal.
Ms. Megabyte2 enjoyed Thanksgiving with us, doing what she does so well and enjoys so much……SLEEP!! Bless her heart!!  

Kitty Wash.....

I put this into my Blog in Ms. Megabyte2’s honor.  When I read it I couldn’t keep from laughing.  We have contemplated giving Ms. Meg2 a bath several times, but neither of us thought we could survive it!Smile   We thought the solution would be to get a vet to do it.  Well, we can’t find a vet that will even touch it!! I guess that tells you something, doesn’t it?   This is just about what would happen.  I don’t advocate in any way shape or form that this be done for real………. I do not support any type of animal cruelty in any way….. this was just funny!!! 

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Come on back Wednesday and I will tell you how my gun trading went………

*Note……Butterbean.....Thank You so much for the invitation to your Ranch.   I truly planned on stopping by when we left Nacogdoches.  I even looked your place up on Google Maps and figured it would be just a nice drive from Motorhomes of Texas to your place. However, as I stated in the Blog, we had to go to Dallas this trip for repairs on the Motorhome.  We appreciate the invite, though, and hope to take you up on it sometime down the road.    

Everyone please be safe out there!!  (as my buddy Sam says)


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DeeBev said...

Not only does our cat like the vacuum cleaner but she also doesn't mind a shower now and then. We just have to swaddle her and hold her tight after her shower.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

We had our family Thanksgiving the Sunday before, so on THE DAY it was just the two of us to (and the cats). Still, I fixed the turkey breast and the rest of the traditional meal. Leftover the next day and last night I made turkey veggie soup for today and however long it lasts. We get a lot of mileage out of that meal! :)
I enjoy your twice a week postings, not matter what you write about. I hope you keep it up. That way I can be a snowbird vicariously while shivering here in Nebraska. :)

kcgaz said...

Mike - Glad to hear that you and Ms. Pat had a great Thanksgiving and even happier to hear that you will still be online twice per week!

where's weaver said...

My goodness but you two have been very busy. Glad to see that you found yourself a new hobby.

That Thanksgiving meal looks delicious good job Ms. Pat.

Love the dogs version of how to wash the cat. Bella would never fall for that.

Anonymous said...

Your first comment got me to wondering if you are aware of this site about shooting competition and meets.

Al Bossence said...

Don't think I've eaten any of those 'greens' things except I've always liked turnips. Say, have you ever tried mixing your gunpowder with any of that good ole hot pepper sauce. Bet that would make for one smokin hot hunk a lead down range........:))

Sue B said...

happy belated Thanksgiving to you both! dinner looked delicious, Ms. Pat did a fine job!

Janna and Mike said...

Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner you guys enjoyed. Thanks Mike for the "slow down" comments, we have finally slowed down--we are spending two days here at Lake Medina before driving our last 150 miles to Aransas Pass. Did you show the "washing instructions" to Ms. Megabyte???

John and Nan said...

We absolutely love greens! Must try your hot pepper sauce on our next "mess" of greens.

Elaine said...

we like various greens, beet green are my chard, and fiddle heads...can't seem to find any fiddle heads here in the south tho...looks like you had a wonderful relaxed thanksgiving..we attended at the club house...was great...

Don Wessel said...

Mike, are you aware that there is a Crossroads of the West gun show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix this weekend 11/30/2012? Just thought you might like to know.

butterbean carpenter said...

Howdy P&M,
Come any time the gate is always open and the coffee is on the stove!!

YOU WENT THRU DALLAS??? Do I feel for you!!! My kids & family are in the Dallas area and I WON'T GO THERE; THERE ARE WEIRDOS DRIVING AROUND UP THERE!!!