Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Salute All Veterans...Young and Old!!

I want to thank all of our Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel for your service. It is because of you that we all get to live the life we do and enjoy the freedoms we have in this country.

We are getting settled in at our place in North Ranch near Congress, AZ and back to our usual activities.  Ms. Pat was in extreme demand as a Line Dance Instructor and she was anxious to get back to one of here favorite activities. She also hasn’t been able to finish a little “Lap Quilt” that she started in Custer, so she got started on that again. Moving daily down the road in an RV makes it difficult to do any quilting, so sitting up her sewing room was one of her priorities.
Just last night she announced to Ms. Megabyte2 and I that she had completed the “Lap Quilt”.   Her projects keep getting a little bigger. First the Table Runner, then Baby Quilts and now this. I think it is beautiful.....don’t you?
This is the back side of her Quilt……… Good job Girl!  Well done.  I am afraid to think what will be next.  I do know that she is anxious to get back out to the shooting range and join the group of gals she shoots with. She will start that on Tuesday afternoon.
Aw Ha. my "new calipers" tell me that my "new bullet" is right on!!
You guessed it !! Yep, I’m back in my shop doing what I love to do…………making bullets.  We have all these .45 ACP guns now, so I’m getting set up to reload them. I have only loaded .40 S&W so far.   So this will be fun and a new experience. Gotta be careful, don’t want too big of a BANG!! Smile

It is with deep sadness that I must report the passing of our good friend and faithful follower of this Blog, Sherry Dilworth. Sherry and Charlie had been constant blogging buddies for a long time and we were fortunate to have them visit us at our place in the Black Hills of South Dakota during the summer of 2011. In August of that year Charlie and I were initiated into the Elks Lodge together at the Escapade in Gillette, WY.

Sherry was on the long list waiting for a Lung transplant and this Fall she was finally called for her transplant. Although her life had been a struggle the past few years, she was sure that with her new lungs, she would be able to continue the life of full-timing that she so loved and enjoyed.   She was a fighter and really fought a long battle.  For a while, we all thought she had won this terrible battle but God had another plan. On Friday, November 9th, she passed on to that wonderful RV Park in Heaven. 

I’m sure gonna miss her encouraging and friendly comments on my Blog. Charlie and their family are in our thoughts and prayers. May Sherry rest in peace as I know she is.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Old man Winter is breathing right down upon us and not wasting any time. This is what our Weather station on roof told me this morning.............Brrrrrrrr

I have a super crop of Oranges going on our trees and don't want a frost to snip them. What do I have to do to protect them, cover them every night? That's quite a job as we have 4 of them and they are about 6' tall.........HELP

God Bless you all, please come on back when you can stay longer…..


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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Glad you are back in the bullet room and happy. Those 45's do make a bigger bang than the 40 cal's do. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Jim and Sandie said...

I, too, offer a huge thank you for all Veterans and their families. That lap quilt is definitely gorgeous. I was very sad to hear about Sherry. She put up such a great battle, but you're right - God needed her home with Him.

Sue B said...

sounds like you are both going to enjoy your time at the North Ranch!
lovely quilt that Ms. Pat made, she has sure excelled at quilting already!
so sorry to hear about Sherry, may she rest in peace. :*(

Janna and Mike said...

Glad you guys made it home safely--I recognize that fabric in Pat's lap quilt! :)

Jim and Sandie said...

Hey Mike - the University of AZ has some good suggestions:

When frost is imminent, the following strategies are recommended.

Small trees may be covered with blankets, quilts or
burlap sacks. This strategy conserves heat accumulated
during the day.

A heat source, such as a string of old-style Christmas
lights or a shop light with an incandescent light bulb, can
be placed in the canopy of smaller or medium sized trees.
This strategy works best on trees that have been covered. Be
careful not to allow the light to come in contact with water.

When the soil around the tree is kept moist, it will not radiate
as much heat to the atmosphere at night. This is much
more effective if the ground is bare around the tree.

Trees should be sprinkled with water throughout the
frost. As the water freezes around the leaves and branches,
it will liberate enough heat to maintain the tissue temperature
at 32°F. This strategy will only be successful if the
water is flowing continuously throughout the frost, and if
it remains flowing until the air temperature is above 37°F.
Only the leaves that are sprinkled will not suffer freeze
damage, although there could be some limb breakage due
to accumulation of ice.

Their web site is:

Hope this helps. It's a lot of work saving those trees.

Al Bossence said...

Your Sunday post slipped under my radar again but caught you tonight.. Nice to get back & slip into the old comfortable routines for sure. With these recent cold nights you will need those quilts & some extra gun powder just to keep warm over there.

John and Nan said...

It is a good thing to read of your happiness and contentment.