Sunday, February 17, 2013

"We’re Having a Blast!"

It is so good having JRoger and Susan with us. Their new little Motorhome is really neat.  Their big Volvo 660 and 40’ Mobile Suites 5TH wheel is their home back in Monticello,Florida.  They just purchased this “Four Winds” motorhome for traveling and they love it.  It is as neat as pin and fits anywhere quite easily. Susan can drive it easily and they can really cover the ground in it. The last day before they arrived here at our place they had comfortably covered over 600 miles.

Ms. Pat got Susan involved in the Line Dancing classes that she teaches up at the clubhouse. Susan had not done the dances before but she caught on real quick and did real good.

My 4-wheel ATV’s hadn’t even been started for a long time. So Roger and I got them out and dusted them off and fired them up for a little trip out in the desert.

So while Ms. Pat and Susan were dancing, JRoger and I took off for the desert. I showed him several of my personal favorite look outs, the "washes" and our little hidden shooting area.

He was amazed with all the different varieties of Rock’s!

JRoger is a busy guy! He keeps getting all these calls from Florida.  A lot of people confide in him and his vast knowledge of firearms. Can’t blame them for that, I do the same thing. I told him he needs to shut that phone off, he is on "vacation"!!Smile  He's always telling me to turn mine on so he can call me.  Smile

Here is JRoger and Susan at the Vulture Gold Mine south of Wickenburg yesterday where we took a tour.  Here's a video of the mine if you're interested:  Vulture Mine Video

JRoger has a "hankering" to do a little "gold mining" and loves the history part of it.  We had already taken him to the little gold mining community of Stanton so he got a little more history in this area to add to his already wealth of knowledge of gold mining.  After we left Vulture Mine, we went to the neat Desert Caballeros Westerm Museum in Wickenburg and then to a Leather Show going on at the Wickenburg Community Center.  WOW, so many places to go and things to do and so little time. We, of course, had to work in 3 Gun Shops so far.

It is such a pleasure having JRoger and Susan with us.  Today we will spend some time with all of us out exploring more of this beautiful vast desert land we have surrounding us.  Boy.....we love this place and I think JRoger and Susan are loving it, too.

Oh our "touring" around town, we ran into Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch out touring with their Florida company, too.  Didn't get any pictures but we sure enjoyed meeting up with them.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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God Bless.


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kcgaz said...

Glad you are out having fun with your friends, perfect weather for it. Thanks for the video link, it was great. That power house was amazing. Enjoy your week!

Allen and Lolita DuGuay said...

Nice to see your having fun with your friends. Interesting area to visit with the old mine, am going to checkout the video. Enjoyed seeing the pictures and thanks for sharing your Taco Soup recipe. Have a great Sunday.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We missed Vulture Gold Mine when we were at North Ranch. Another reason to go back.

Love the Taco soup!!!

Denis and Sandy Letendre said...

Line dancing is so much fun and great exercise ... Enjoy

Al Bossence said...

We sure have been lucky having this nice weather these past few days for our Florida companies. Looks like we have the same Chevy Chassis for our Class C as JRoger does. His looks a little longer than ours though. Nice to see you folks in Wickenburg a few days ago:))

Ellie and Jim said...

I love the line dancing photo, can't wait to step a few with Pat! Having fun with good friends - priceless! Thanks for sharing your good times. Hugs to you both!