Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your Not Going to Believe This!

I can’t believe this really happened, and frankly I’m a little embarrassed that it did! Monday was the day for my 3 month scheduled  Dr. appointment with my Oncologist for the Lupron shots I have been taking for a couple years. It is an extremely important shot and costs over $3000.00 per shot. Thankfully our wonderful Medicare and Supplemental Insurance plan pays the total cost. The doctors office is way over on the East side of Scottsdale, over 80 miles from where we live. It’s a long trip and traffic is tough most of the time.

We left home early Monday morning, although the appointment wasn’t until 1:30pm. We completed our usual shopping and getting supplies so we could head home as soon as we got out of the doctor's office. Everything went fine, we made the appointment right on time and had a long discussion with the Doctor concerning the several avenues of treatment we can persue if my PSA continues to rise as it has been doing . The Doctor decided he would draw blood for a PSA now and then I should have another PSA test in 6 weeks.

So we went to the Lab and the blood was drawn…..all plans were in place and the DR. told us he would call us tomorrow with the results of the blood work and we could then make the decision which plan we would activate.  Our next appointment dates were set and we were anxiously on our way home. I am always ready to get home, mostly because the traffic gets really bad as it gets closer to rush hour.

I think you can probably see where this is going. About 20 miles down the road, traveling about 75-80 MPH trying to keep from getting run over, Ms. Pat looked at me and said “Oh my God, you didn’t get your shot”!!   WHAT???  Unbelievable....I was speechless!! Ms. Pat got on the phone and started calling the doctor's office, as I caught the next exit and went through the process of turning around.

I had to have that shot every 3 months to keep things under control.  It’s a special order shot and that is what WE WENT FOR!!!! We drove the 20 miles back through the traffic that was getting heavier and heavier by the minute. We could not go home without it. At first we were both mad, mad that we both forgot it and mad that the doctor and the nurses forgot it. Then Ms. Pat said, “I have the nurse on the phone and she has agreed to stay late to give you your shot, so don’t worry, we don’t have to come back another day”  

Whew!  That was a relief.  Then a calmness settled around us and we decided that we were lucky we discovered it when we did rather than when we got clear home. Soon we were laughing about it but still in total disbelief!!!  "What were we thinkin'?"  Smile  I never thought this would happen to me!!! NEVER say NEVER!!  We were late getting home and Ms. Megabyte thought for sure we had abandoned her.  I will say, Thank God for the “HOV” lanes on the freeways!!

Last night was the annual Line Dancers Teacher Appreciation Banquet.  Ms Pat received these beautiful roses from all her fellow line dancers. She was elated and the catered dinner of BBQ  from the famous Hog Trough restaurant was wonderful.

She also received several beautiful cards of appreciation and even a gift card for $25.00. Several of the other gals told me how much they appreciated Ms. Pat for all her time and effort in organizing the dances, teaching them to dance,  along with selecting the music and taking care of the electronics. I was mighty proud of her!! They also said she has the "patience of Job"…. I already knew that.  To put up with me, she has to have a LOT of patience!!
After the great dinner, they began to “What else?” Line Dancing….. I enjoyed watching and the music was great. I noticed that what seemed to be most important was to keep everyone headed the right direction. I don’t know how they do it, I know I sure couldn’t!!

I also noticed that most of them do a great job of keeping the “correct” foot forward. However, there are instances when some don’t.  A few of them are Beginners so they are still learning the steps.  Now if I was to try it, everyone would be laughing so hard at me that it would distract from their dancing. So that's why I don’t do it…"that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!"Smile

Anyhow it was a great night………just as it is a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by as we continue to thank our Father in Heaven for all His many blessings!! Praise the Lord….

Remember, don’t forget to tell your kids you love them. They may not be around forever.


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Jim and Sandie said...

I'm really sorry you had to drive back in all that traffic but what a great story. We've all forgotten something and had to go back but I think yours takes first place. Sure hope your PSA gets better.

kcgaz said...

Mike - It happens to the best of us I'm afraid. You should give line dancing a try, that guy in your picture looks like he could use a friend. Congrats to Ms Pat for a job well done!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Great story...don't got distracted with all the other discussion & blood draw. I've done it at work. Get into a conversation with a patron at the desk and check out the books to them that they just brought back!! As for the line have to protect the other dancers. Just say Ms. Pat's the dancer in the family. You load shells, she dances...even division of labor. :)

where's weaver said...

Oh dear, Paul would have had a fit if he would have had to drive back.
Congratulations Ms Pat. I am sure you are a super teacher. How nice of your students to recognize that.

Al Bossence said...

I can just imagine the anger & frustration when you realized you forgot your shot. And the thoughts of turning around & plowing through all that traffic again, Egads!! Also understand your afterthoughts when it was all over & you were back home. And, I'm with you Mike, none of that crazy legs dancing stuff for this guy either. I can embarrass myself enough with my blog without having to go out dancing too....

Bob & Laurie Fritz said...

Mike and Pat
It was a pleasure to meet both of you. Thanks for letting us intrude and say hi. We met Al of the Bayfield Bunch but Kelly was shopping. We took a drive to was it beautiful. Hope to see you again sometime.
God Bless

Bob & Laurie

Elaine said...

Glad to hear you remember before you were all the way home :)...and great that you could laugh over gram always said may as well laugh as cry...beautiful flowers..

Mary Lou Montgomery said...

Glad to hear you thought of your shot before you traveled too far. I have this happen to me and to be honest, I always feel upset at first but then remember God just wanted me to do something different than what I had planned. Things always happen for a reason and maybe you weren't supposed to be in a certain place at a certain time. Sometimes it isn't our place to question, just go along for the ride! Prayers for your health, surely love reading your blog each week and always excited when Sunday and Wednesday come around. Thank you for continuing to keep me entertained!