Saturday, April 21, 2007

Back in Tucson....

Here we are back in Tucson. We are at the New Horizion owners group rally. Our PressurePro Seminar was yesterday at the Patio Room at Beaudrys RV Resort. This is a nice place, so being here is always enjoyable. Plus we get to see oldest son Mikel and our 2 grand kids who live here. An added treat!! The attendance was good at the Seminar and we sold a bunch of PressurePro Systems, a PowerTank, some DriWash and met some neat people. Several of our "old" customers were here that we had already sold to. Its always great to meet people that have bought the system off the Internet. Every one of them is extremely happy with the peace and comfort, along with the safety they receive from the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. They all tell us how much easier it makes their life...........We know just what they are talking about!!!!!! Couldn't live without ours!!!!

We departed our RV Lot at North Ranch at Congress,AZ last Wed on April 18Th. Its a job putting everything away and setting the place up for the summer. It is normally about 8 months before we return. Thank Goodness for our GREAT neighbors that look after things for us. North Ranch had really gotten to be a ghost area the last few weeks as everyone started departing for the summer. Although many people stay there year around, the Campground gets near empty and lots of owners leave. Always a little tad bit sad when we leave. You plan on being back, but let me tell you, I see plans changing for so many people because of illness and other "stuff" you just never know..................Part of getting older I guess...........Nothing we can do about that.

Planned on getting on the road first thing this morning. However its raining and we aren't pressed to wait for another we have decided to wait a couple hours and see if it clears up before noon. If it doesn't, we'll probably just stay another night. I love it when we're not pressed......and can do what we feel like.......that's a GOOD feeling. This is the GREAT life!!

ANOTHER GREAT DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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