Friday, April 13, 2007


Well today is Friday 13 of April, 2007. I'm not very superstitious. In fact I try to turn it around and think it is a LUCKY day!!! So far so good, this is our official weekly weigh in day and I'm down another lb. Pat stayed the same............In 2 weeks I've gone down 3 lbs. Kinda makes it all worth while. I'm constantly amazed at how much better I feel if I don't over eat and eat the right things, get my daily exercise and keep my weight down. But BOY,,,its HARD!!! Takes all the will power that I can muster up and we NEVER go out to eat. But on weigh in day its WORTH it!! Now I can celebrate and have a bowl of popcorn with happy hour tonight......

We have had a COOL spell set in on us. About noon yesterday the sky clouded up and the wind started blowing like crazy. It went from 70 deg down to 50 deg in a couple hrs. The wind was really cool. Then about 4:30 it started raining. Now this morning (5am) its 48 deg and noticeable cooler than its been for a while.

We are having to "FAST" this morning. NO COFFEE!!!! That kills me. We're going in at 7am for some final blood tests. Can't wait for that cup of coffee right after they take that blood. I know right where the coffee pot is there at the hospital!!!

We are getting things ready to go!!! Lots of stuff to do and time is flying by. Only 4 days until we depart. We would like to find time to take the 4x4 out in the desert and take our pistols and get ONE MORE target practice session in...........Maybe this afternoon, if the weather permits.

Another GREAT day!!!


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