Monday, April 9, 2007

Great trip to Lake Havasu City

Easter Sunday....we got up early and headed 150 miles to Lake Havasu City to visit with my middle son Patrick (OP) and wife Michelle. We left at 6:15 am and had a nice drive to Lake Havesu, through Parker. Neither of us had ever been over there, so it was a thrill for us to be in new territory. Gosh, its pretty over there. Pat and Michell just moved there a few months ago from Nebraska. What a great year for them to move to a warmer area. Its been a HECK of a cold winter in Lincoln. Youngest son Scott and wife Ann still live in Lincoln and about froze to death!! They are still freezing to death,,,and its EASTER. I'll bet they are waiting for the day they can move to warmer climate.
We arrived at the kids house just before 9am. Earlier than they expected of course. We are ALWAYS early.....After hugs and greetings, we had a tour of their new house. Its nice and has a SUPER view. Then they took us down to the Lake and we walked the 3.5 bike & hike trail. We really enjoyed that. We hate to have to miss our morning walks.
Then back to the house where we saw the new boat and we showed the our PressurePro system and then the DriWash ultra Ion. They were impressed with both. I demoed some of the Ulta Ion on his truck and he was surprised to see how well it worked. A big bird had done a number on his hood and I took it right off in a heartbeat with NO WATER, plus his truck was setting right in the hot sun...........So he picked up a 16 oz bottle and pumper to try further... A demo will always sell the stuff. It is truly amazing and so easy to use...............he will be another faithful user by the time he uses up that bottle.
Then we visited a bunch and Michell had a nice dinner for us. By this time it was already 3pm. The time I set for departure......Gosh, it was hard to leave. We just don't get to see enough of each other...............Hit the road at 4pm sharp. kind of a sad trip home as its always hard to leave the kids. I always get a little depressed. It just seems life is getting shorter and shorter.
Home at 6:45. Not bad time for 300 miles and a 3.5 mile walk, Easter Dinner and a nice visit with the kids. I was about pooped tho!!! ANOTHER GREAT DAY!!!!!!

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