Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mt Rushmore Fireworks 7/03/07 From our private viewing area

This was our "secret" Hike with the Mt. Rushmore view. We gathered up our great friends and hiked about 1/2 mile back in on an old fire road to the area. We got there in plenty of time to find the Mountain and get all set up for the FIREWORKS!!!

We all got seated and visited for a while. This pictures shows Mt Rushmore right between the 2 trees on the right. See it way back there? If we would have just had a chain saw, we could have cleared the view some.......NO NO !!

Our group included Larry and LeeAnn McCormick, Roger and Diane Smith HDT'ers, Dick and Lou and Pat and I.......Neat folks and great friends to celebrate the 4th of July with.

Is this a GREAT life or what??

It wasn't long before the Fireworks started. It took me a while to get my camera zeroed in and I'm not used to taking pictures in the dark. Its kinda tricky, especially with a new camera.....
But I managed to get a few shots.

They are a ways off, but beautiful.....

This is a double !!!

Wow!!!, Not bad.

We can hear the BOOMS !!!!

Now its getting darker, so they are starting to show up better...

This is a neat one, a pin wheel !!

That's a BIG one !!!!

It was like this for a solid 30 minutes. The weather had been rainy and windy earlier, but it turned off fantastic. It was a perfect evening.
We had a VERY private viewing area and NO parking problems. My thanks to LeeAnn McCormick for the use of her tripod.

What a great way to spend the evening !!

It was a GREAT DAY !!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!


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