Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Neat RV !!!!

We saw this NEAT truck and trailer parked in the grocery store parking lot. We kept waiting for the owner to show up. But he never did. I would of loved to ask him a bunch of questions!!! It is an old CHEV pickup, but I'm not sure what year. It has been completely restored and much better that it was originally. I'm sure it has a much bigger motor and probably an automatic transmission.

The trailer is Fiberglass and like a Casita, but it had a name I never heard of...
It is probably quite light weight.
Matching stripe and all !!!

I would think it would be in the 40's vintage......Anybody know for sure.
It had British Columbia license plates on it.
No doubt it gets a LOT of attention where ever it is!!!

The floor in the bed was so clean you could EAT off of it !!!

Neat Trunk huh ?

Click on pictures to enlarge them.....

IT WAS A GREAT DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Scott said...

Hey, IT'S A GREAT DAY!! - Scott

Scott said...

Hey, IT'S A GREAT DAY!! - Scott