Sunday, July 29, 2007


Pat and I decided to go to the CUSTER GOLD DISCOVERY DAYS parade. We hadn't been to a parade for about 15 years...LETS GO !!!

SMOKEY was there!! Smokey has a very important job as it is so DRY that everyone is so afraid of more fires...

Did you know SMOKEY just had a birthday? He was 63 years old on July 28th. He wasn't even around when I was born.

All parades have FIRE TRUCKS,,,,,there were about a dozen, but this ONE took my eye.
Oldie but Goodie! I'd guess its a 1949 to a 52 year. I know its a FORD !!

Here is the local Dr. Sweetwater and the Medicine Show

Burros Played a great part in hauling supplies.
Did you know that they and mules are much more "sure" footed than horses? Its true!

This was ONE of my favorites!!! What a TREAT to see a JOHN DEERE trike!!!!!
I've never seen such, but I would trade my VOLVO for it !!!

(Pat says no!):-)

This WAS my favorite !!!! What a NEAT little truck.

Is it a Pete or a KW......??? Not sure but I sure liked it....
I LOVE trucks!!!!!(and little baby ducks!

Here is a 4 horse team and wagon. My Dad had one of these on our ranch, but we worked our horses side by side, 4 wide.

We also had a team and wagon like this. We used to take it out fixing fence......

Old memories!!!!
Dad would love it......but hes watching ! :-)

I took dozens of other pictures, but don't want to bore you with ALL of them.... WE thoroughly enjoyed our Custer's Little Parade...........The weather was Superb and people are down to earth and friendly.......As Crazy Horse would say "they are MY PEOPLE,,,,,,,
It WAS A GREAT DAY !!!!!!!!

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