Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friends from California!!

Did you know that I HATE the wind? However, everywhere I go the wind blows!!! It blows up in the Black Hills,,,,,,it blows in Mission, TX and it blows here in AZ. It was real nice here at North Ranch in Congress, Arizona yesterday, but a couple of days last week, the wind REALLY blew!!!
It shook this big 12 ton TETON every time a big gust would hit. I finally had to go outside and take my DirecTV dish down. It was such a struggle that Ms Pat had to come out and help me. It about blew us both away!!
The only place I've been for any length of time where the wind didn't blow much is Florida. The 20 years I spent in Tallahassee, which is in Northern Florida, was about the most "wind free" time of my life. Anybody know any places where the Wind doesn't blow? Probably the same place where the Sun doesn't shine, right? No thanks, I'll take the wind!!:-)
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We had weekend visitors that came all the way over from Santa Paula, CA.,75 miles North of Los Angeles, where they have been living for the past couple of years. Nick and Joanne Alexakis have been full-time RV'ers for the last 15 years. We first met them back in 1996 when we all worked together at Custer State Park in South Dakota and we have stayed in touch ever since. We caught up with them for several winters in Florida and for the last 4-5 winters here in AZ. They are staying put at the present time working full-time jobs, but plan to get back out on the road in about 2 years... Nick is a Building Inspector for the State of California and Joanne is a licensed Optician in a Lenscrafters optical shop in Ventura. They still reside in their 5TH wheel and are "itching" to Hit the Road again....

We are having a great time and it's good to see them again. They stayed in the Sierra Vista Motel in Congress, which is advertised as the "smallest" Motel in AZ. It has 4 rooms!! They will be here until Tuesday and then we have some friends from South Dakota stopping by on their way home from Yuma. They will be staying in the same motel for a couple of nights. Any of you that have been to Congress know there isn't much to it........ This is the ONLY motel in town. It isn't fancy, but it's nice and clean and has FREE wi-fi!!!

I put up a Bird Feeder for Megabyte2. So now she has something to watch out the window. We call it her 56" HDTV.......She loves watching the birds fly onto it and eat. She gets SOooo excited!!! Yesterday, there were 4 birds flying in and out and a rabbit running around on the ground...she really got excited!! Her little tail flopped back and forth so fast.........

It just TOTALLY wore her OUT!!! She's sound asleep!!!

As usual, we had some kind of a busy week. PressurePro continues to be the Tire Pressure Monitoring System of choice. We shipped out 8 systems last week. I finally got the oil and filter changed in the Honda, which I have been wanting to do since we got here....

It was a GREAT WEEK !!!!

Thank you for stopping by and we hope all is well with you...

See ya Wednesday,,,,


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Bruce and Carol said...

your comment about "where the sun don't shine" made me laugh outloud and I had to read it to Bruce. i love reading your writing. hugs to both of ya! :)+

Joy and Phil said...

I'm with you'all (that's Texas talk) about the wind and at one time I thought I wanted to sail around the world. As a wind "hater" that would have been fun, right?

We got out butts kicked here in Texas these past few days but it is nice today. Supposed to resume the big blow tomorrow ... goodie!

Love the pics of Mega2! Bird feeder indeed ... such a spoiled baby. LOL!

Joy and Phil

Dennis M said...

Nancy said: "He put up a bird-feeder for the cat? This guy is 'hooked'!"

She said you were a goner the day you took Megabite2 in.