Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This KITTY'S not spoiled!!! HA!

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Here is Ms Megabyte/2 at one of her favorite perches. This is her BIG Screen TV..........She loves to watch the Birds, Doves, Rabbits, etc. But, Ms Pat says she needs to go outside. Now she doesn't like a leash, at all!!, plus she gets all hung up in it. So what to do....

Then right out of the CLEAR BLUE, like a gift from up above, this Pet Mate outdoor screened Play House appeared on the Escapee swap table. WOW,,,,how NEAT!!! Perfect!! She likes it! And, it folds up to the size of a small lawn chair for storage..perfect for RV'ers.

One of the things I really like about all Escapee RV Parks is they all have a "swap table". That's a table in the clubhouse where co-members put things that are excess to their needs, in hopes someone else can use them. I leave things there all the time in exchange for stuff we can use. But this one really "HIT" the spot. How timely!!! Strange things happen, don't they? Is that Scott at work again? Maybe so, I like to think so anyhow! I put a hefty contribution in the box for the upkeep of the "swap table".

The Vet and some of our experienced Cat owner friends say that Cats need a special water fountain that adds oxygen and continually filters their water. It entices them to drink more water and eliminate the chances of a urinary tract infection. Well, guess what she has now??? Yep, I just happened to find a "like new" one on eBay that a lady in Calif was selling. I was able to get it at half price and the USPS got it here in ONE day.

Let me tell you,, she loves it! Just like Donnalyn Vickers (our Friend) said she would. She drinks 2-3 times more water than she did......

But, she's NOT spoiled,,,,,,,,No way!:-)

Our great and long time RV friends from our last hometown of Tallahassee, FL. stopped by this week-end. How wonderful to see them again. They are Airstreamers, have an Airstream Motorhome and were returning from a 45+- day Caravan trip to the Baja Peninsula. Needless to say, they were sure happy to be back in the good ole USA! Glad they went, but in no hurry to go back....

We enjoyed the weekend with them with happy hours and cook outs each night and talking about old times. We met them way back in about 1989, 20 years ago when we were all still working stiffs and have kept in touch continually since. They are both retired from the State of Florida. Winston was a State Pilot and flew the State Plane for something like 26 years. During this time he escorted many, many Governors around the country. However, one of his duty's was to fly Bobby Bowden, Florida State's well known Football Coach around the country. He says that was the most enjoyable.. Very neat, interesting folks to be around. Thank you so much for stopping Winston and Carol. Have a safe trip back to Tallahassee and we sure will see you down the road soon!!

It's a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Travel safe and God Bless!!!!


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Bruce and Carol said...

Gotta love the way the pets can take over, huh? That is the purrrrrrr-fect solution!!! Love her big screen TV too! :)+

Jerry and Suzy said...

Not spoiled, my eye! But good for you for taking such good care of her!

By the way, does anyone know what that expression "my eye" means, or where it came from?

Here at the Saguaro SKP Park that swap table is called Neimann Marcus!

Thanks for sharing your story.

Mike McFall said...

This is what Bruce Posted:

Okay, i just finished reading your blog site. I have trouble posting for some reason so what I want is that when you are ready to adopt again consider me... That kitty has it made. Bruce

Mike: OK Bruce, I put you on the list, but I gotta tell ya, several have signed up ahead of youins..
Thanks Buddy