Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fifth Annual Western Gypsy Gathering Rally, 2011

We are here at the 5TH Annual Western Gypsy Gathering Rally in Yuma, AZ. Nick Russell, editor of the Gypsy Journal RV newspaper, started having this Western Rally 5 years ago in 2007. We have attended them all as Vendors. The first 3 were held at the Fairgrounds in Casa Grande,AZ. The last 2 have been here at the Fairgrounds in Yuma. Since I still don’t have a camera, I will refer you to Nicks Blog. He has lots of pictures of the activities.

Nick puts on a great Rally and one of the things I enjoy most is that we have so many friends and customers that also attend. It's like old homecoming week every year. What really amazes me is the amount of people that say to me “Hey Mike, I read your Blog all the time”. Unbelievable, even the famous well-known DICK REED of the RV Driving School told me he reads it and enjoys it!  Dick is almost as old as I am and he started the RV Driving School way back in 1991.  In 2007 he sold the Driving School to Dennis Hill, another one of our fine friends and customers.

Yesterday, we gave our Seminar presentation on PressurePro Tire Monitoring Systems and PowerTanks. Considering that almost everyone here already has one of our systems, we had a good attendance and great participation.

The Blog will be extra short this morning as we are rushed with all the activities and attending to our Booth. We continue to get several orders to fill from our website and fortunately we found a little Post Office a couple miles away that saves us some time on our daily run. The main PO is way over on the other side of the world.

The Rally will be over Friday morning.  We will head back to North Ranch and probably be there by Friday evening or Saturday morning. Then Ms. Pat and I can sit back and relax with our 5TH Gypsy Journal Rally under our belts.   It’s Ms. Megabyte2’s third year to attend with us and I think she is also in a bigger hurry than we are to get back to “her” house at the Ranch. She doesn’t enjoy these noisy airplanes that rattle the windows and shake the ground at all!!! She looks at me as if to say “Who’s stupid idea was this anyhow”?

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

God Bless you all and we’ll see you from back at the RANCH Sunday!


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, we sure wish we were there with you guys! This is our second year to MISS a western GJ rally. And we'll likely miss the next two.

And yes, we also read your blog almost every time!

Happytrails said...

Have fun!!

Sue and Doug said...

have fun at the rally..hope MsMegabtye2 enjoys her time there too!!..even though it is noisy for her 'little kitty ear's!...
Hope the sales are good for the pressure pro system!!


Many times the best part of going coming home:))

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Yuma didn't do much for me either. Windy, desolate and hot, if not now, then in a bit.