Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trailer is Painted......Finally!!

Remember the trailer I bought about a year ago? I bought it mainly to store our 4 wheeler ATV’s in. It’s a beautiful trailer and especially well made and I got a good deal on it.
Here it is when I brought it home last Winter. It only had ONE problem....all that signage. The trailer was like new and I thought I would be able to remove all that lettering myself, no big deal. I had hoped at first it was decals.  I could have taken a heat gun and removed them in a heartbeat. but no such luck.  It was paint! I still figured I could get it off fairly easy. You know, paint thinner, paint remover, Acetone, something!  Well, I was wrong! The painter that painted the lettering was a Pro and they weren’t coming off....not without a whole lot of work sanding and then repainting.

 Long time Blog readers remember me asking you all about it and for an easy solution. Nobody had one, so I’ve been looking for someone to do it for me. The local auto body shop guy couldn’t get the trailer into his Paint Booth because it was too tall.  He referred me to a guy at the AIRPORT who paints AIRPLANES in an airplane hanger. So off I went to the airport. I love airports.  I used to fly a lot.  I have a pilots license and then I got into Skydiving.  The airport brings back a lot of good memories of very enjoyable days.

Here are the results!
They did one SUPERB job!! They were painting Lear Jets right next to my trailer! I am really pleased with the results. This makes a wonderful place to store both of our Polaris Sportsman 4 Wheelers while we are gone, plus it's handy to have to haul stuff.

Now I am much happier with the way it looks as it sits in our yard here at North Ranch.  All that signage really bugged me and I don’t suppose the neighbors appreciated it either. A lot of folks here have trailers in their yard, both for use and for storage. You sure can’t build a building as cheap as you can buy a nice trailer. Plus all the gyrations you have to go through, building permits, approval from the lot owners assoc, etc. etc. 

We are staying busy here at the Ranch in Arizona and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.  I have a couple other projects in the making...never a dull moment around here. But we never forget to take the time to thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us the way he has and making this all possible. Praise the Lord!

It was a GREAT WEEK !!!!

I want to welcome our latest followers:

Carol Kerr
Donna K

Thank you and all the others that follow my blog and put up with my jibbering..  I know it can’t be very interesting at times but we try not to bore you too much.  God Bless and you come on back anytime!

We’re off to Church as we await the arrival of our good friends Ron and Barb, coming all the way from down in Mission Texas....part of the Retama Gang!


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Trailer's looking real good Mike & fits right in there on your property. We've had that same trailer idea in mind for awhile as well.

Janna and Mike said...

I for one look forward to your "jibberings" on Sunday and Wednesday! Miss you guys and hope you are still on the mend. The trailer looks great, maybe we should bring ours back up to the Wickenburg airport!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

That is a fine looking trailer and nice paint job too.

Happytrails said...

The trailer looks great! I would imagine it comes in very handy!

Sue and Doug said...

nice work on getting the trailer painted..looks brand new!!..I, too look forward to Sundays and Wednesdays to see what you and Pat are up to!!..enjoy the ranch!..hope you are also enjoying your newly tiled sunroom!!

squawmama said...

The trailer look fantastic.... GREAT job done! Glad everything is going well...
Have fun & travel safe

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

The trailer looks super, I remember when we talked about it and I said if it was painted instead of decals, you would have to sand it down and shoot it. They did a great job. Another coat of paint will protect it more from corrosion and fading. Good job. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Debbie Goode said...

Glad to see the paint job worked out so nice and that new tile floor looks awesome too. Pat asked if we would be coming to North Ranch this year...I just don't know yet, but if we do I will sure give you guys a heads up. It would be great to see you all.