Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now I remember!!

Oh Ya, now I remember all the little chores owning a HOUSE brings along with it. It’s SPRING cleaning time! Surprised smile
Ms. Pat has been clipping bushes and tree’s and I have been raking and picking up the clippings.
Ms. Pat says, “We are going to wash the windows” ! OH,,,,well I remember I have to go see a guy. “No you don’t” she replied, which is just what I knew she would say!
My job was removing all the screen’s, scrubbing them and hosing them off and reinstalling them. We have a BUNCH of windows! There is 8 stainless steel screws holding these screens in place.
Ms. Pat’s job was to wash the window’s, inside and out. She uses Dri Wash n Guard Ultra Ion on all our windows. Same stuff we polish and protect our cars, trucks and Motorhome with. For those of you that don’t know about or use Dri Wash n Guard, you should really take a look. It is the best protection and easier to use than any polish we have found, by far!  It also works great on “windows”... any windows and you can use it on your windshield and car windows. It’s about like putting on Rain-X, only much easier. Give it a try... thousand’s of RV’ers use it and have for years. We have used it for over 10 years ourselves. Tried a lot of other stuff but liked Dri- Wash a lot better.

That’s about all that is going on around the Ranch, right at the moment. The weather has been outstanding and after a colder winter than usual, we are enjoying these 50* morning's and afternoon temps in the mid 70’s. It seems to me a lot of folks are headed North kinda early this year. Anyhow a lot of our friends are “on the move”.  You all travel safe out there.  We will wait a couple months before we head up that way, unless the “hitch itch” just gets too much to handle. :-)

John and Sandy are here at North Ranch while Sandy is taking the Driving School class. Denny Orr, one of the instructors lives here and gives lessons right here at the Ranch.  They are on our old lot and visited us for Happy Hour Monday.  It was great seeing them again. They visited us last summer at our place in Custer, SD. Hopefully we will get in at least one more Happy Hour with them before they depart. John was a deputy Sherriff in Wisconsin for over 30 years. You get a couple ole' COPs together and the stories really fly…… Again, the good ole times!

Thanks for your email Pam, I know its hard to wait for my Blog Post! LOL,,,,,,The dad bum router wouldn’t work this morning.  A couple hours on line with the 3G store got it up and running. (I hope!) Sorry I'm late but I’m OK. Thanks for caring! Hugs!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by………Come on back Sunday.


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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Yikes, I remember that stuff and still do not miss it :)

Donna K said...

Ah man....did you HAVE to remind me? We need some real spring cleaning around this ole house but it's going to wait for maybe until we die :)) Thanks for the link to the washing stuff - I haven't purchased anything like that yet and really need to. Don't get sunburned out there!


Well, at least you didn't have to wash the windows Mike. I have to do both screens & windows & do not like it one bit. But.....I'll have to maybe try that cleaning solution stuff you mentioned. I like the idea of ranch style houses like yours because it's easy to reach eaves troughs & roof stuff.

Anonymous said...

So here's the question: Which product listed on the site works on windows? Is it DWG Ultra Ion Green?

Mike McFall said...

Just plain old Ultra Ion,,,,Not Green,not Clasic, but Ultra Ion. I have the better web site up now, try again, or try this:

Janna and Mike said...

Sure glad Ms Pat laid down the law for you Mike! Glad you are able to get out and do that kind of stuff again! and I bet Pat is too!

Sue and Doug said...

a husband that helps wash windows and screens? are a keeper!!

Jerry and Suzy said...

We have used Dri Wash and Guard (did I get the name right?) and liked it, but where I was buying it, it was too dadgummed expensive for my wallet. Of course, having somebody else wash and polish the motorhome is dadgummed expensive too -- at least I can sit back and WATCH, not WASH!

Sharon Del Rosario said...

We, too, use plain ol' Dri Wash and Guard. But beware climbing on ladders! And thanks for reminding me some of the reasons why we don't own a sticks and bricks home!