Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Things First!

Saturday we got kinda settled in, I got all the “stuff” out of the Barn. My main purpose to was get the Harley out. I had it almost sealed inside the cargo trailer, then with a cover on. It hardly had a speck of dust on it. It had been sitting for 8 months and I sure missed it. With one push of the starter it fired right off.. Oh Boy, it sounded good.....only a Harley can sound that good!!  I was ready for a ride!!

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day and I told Ms. Pat I was going for a ride… in the Park. After not riding for several months I like to get a few miles solo before I take any passengers. So she was happy to stay home this time but she warned me to be careful. I told her I would and that I would be home by 3pm..
After riding through the Park, I turned south on the “Wildlife Loop”. I like to ride the southern prairie part of the park when I ride my bike. I encountered a couple small herds of Buffalo right away and I idled right on through and proceeded on South. My first stop was at the Lame Johnny Creek bridge. This is where the “Wild Burros” hang out. It is also where my good friend Bob Sperry used to hang out. I always stopped here and talked with Bob. We worked together in the Park for 10 years. He was from Oklahoma, a Historian and loved to dress up in the old “Buffalo Hunters” garb and give scheduled history discussions to the public under this tree. Unfortunately, Bob lost his battle with cancer recently. This beautiful Memorial Bench has been erected in his honor. It seemed strange for Bob not to be there but you know I believe I felt his presence and spirit as I silently said a prayer and wished him well. Inscribed in big letters on the bench it says: “BUFFALO BOB”.
There was two little baby Burros under Bob’s shade tree enjoying the shade also. They are so cute when they are small. I just love them. They were only a couple weeks old and still a little shy of people and wouldn’t let me “HUG” them. I thought at first that they were twins but I soon saw that they had different mommys. They sure had to be born at about the same time….their Moms looked just alike also.

I climbed back on the Harley and proceeded on around the Loop. I turned South at the end of the Loop road and drove down through the Wind Cave National Park. I came upon another large herd of Buffalo and idled slowly through them. They are gorgeous animals and always a special attraction to see. 

On down the road I stopped high on a hill where I could see for miles in every direction. I was inhaling the beauty of the place and enjoying the fine weather and just talking to God. I suddenly noticed it was almost 3pm and I was still a long way from home. I better get moving but first I called Ms. Pat to tell her I was OK but would be a little late. She kinda knows that when I take a ride in the Park, I get lost in time. ...time and memories. Praise the Lord.
It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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Sure wished we had a riding area like that here in Southern Ontario. Have always thought the West just lent itself perfectly for Motorcycle riding with all it's wide open spaces, winding roads, hill, canyons & mountains. Nothing like getting off by yourself in nature & spending what I consider to be true quality time. And I know what you mean by stopping to remember & talk to a few old friends along the way.....

Jerry and Suzy said...

Lovely place, grand time. Thanks for sharing it with your blog friends!

Happytrails said...

Glad you had such a wonderful, peaceful ride!
What a beautiful tribute to your friend. I can only imagine how you must have felt being there and remembering him.
You guys take care!

Sharon Del Rosario said...

The Black Hills are indeed beautiful, and the wildlife are awesome. Thanks for the great photos that bring back wonderful memories, and for the inspiring message about your friend. I almost felt his spirit through you!

Debbie Goode said...

Glad you made it back to SD safe and sound. Sounds like you had a fabulous day. I love those kinda days..where it is just me and God and all his beautiful handiwork surrounding me!

Rene' and Jeanette Genereux said...

I share your thoughts on motorcycling. It is so rewarding and exciting to put wheels to pavement, feel the wind in your face and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that nature provides.

The tribute to your friend and colleague was touching.

Wishing you a plethora of motorcycle rides this summer.

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Rene' and Jeanette Genereux said...

Mike, with the fix suggested by Rick Doyle, I am now receiving your comments on my blog - without any issues. Problem solved, with special thanks to Rick @

Best regards.