Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here it is! I finally got it home. The mechanic that installed it was very thorough and meticulous. He has installed quite a few of these and stated that the final adjustments were extremely important and if not done properly, it would vibrate and/or pull to one side. After measuring and re-adjusting several times, he took it out for a spin. When he came back he said that with just a slight correction, it will be perfect.  He told me I could take it for a spin if I wanted to but it was already 5:30.   We had to load it and drive 70+ miles back home to Custer and all I wanted to do was get home. It was after 7pm when we arrived home and we were both worn out.  I didn’t even unload it. It was threatening rain and I left it all sealed up inside the cargo trailer.
Here I am all mounted on my new ride. We had just been out for a short spin in Custer State Park. It rode smooth and tracked as straight as a string. I am happy with it and I know Ms. Pat feels much safer. But it is different! I took it slow and easy on my first trip out.  I’ll ease into this thing and I believe it will be OK. You don’t lean to turn, you have to push and pull on the handle bars. It was a little hard on my shoulders but I will get used to it and maybe toughened up a bit.

Between both of us having our teeth checked and cleaned, along with getting our eyes tested and Ms. Pat having several Dr. appointments and my having some blood work done, we've been running like crazy. Then added to that, we've been checking out more flooring, kitchen cabinets, sinks, faucet's, table top stoves and microwaves and working on installation of everything. Whew, I wasn’t this busy back when I was working for a living!

At most of Ms. Pat’s Dr. appointments, they just referred her to another Dr. So next week is more Dr. appointments, I don’t know if we are gaining ground or not! At least, we finally have the floor installers scheduled to start on the floor installation next Wednesday or Thursday. We want to get that in before the cabinets are installed. It will be so good to get this floor and cabinets done. Then we can move in and make a “home” out of it. We have also been looking at all the furniture stores for mattresses, couches and chairs, etc. We really don’t want to get any furniture until all the floor is in.

I guess as they say, “it will all come out in the wash” but I am ready! Will there ever be a day we can sit back and say “we are all done”? I sure hope so!  But gosh, what would we do then? LOL. Oh, I’m sure we’ll find something.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by...drop in again anytime.

God Bless you all as we continue to give praise to our Father and almighty God for all he provides us and for looking over our daily activities.

Travel safe….


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Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Mike the trike is just to cool,you are a lucky man..

squawmama said...

Your trike is GORGEOUS... can I say that about a motorcycle??? Hope your drs and all slow down soon!!1 I know how that can be.
Have fun & Travel safe

ps... come on over to my new blog on Campground reviews and become a follower. It is still under construction but I plan on adding all the RV parks we have visited in the last 7 years of fulltiming...good thing I kept notes! I will still have both blogs to update.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

The trike really looks cool! And I agree that you have to learn to ride all over, because you don't turn with you behind anymore. You actually have to steer a trike. But I'm sure you will get on to it in just a few miles.

Have fun in all those interior design stores! LOL


I can only imagine how different that must feel. I would think the steering would be the hardest part to get used to....& not putting a foot down when you stop. Last Trike affair I ever drove was probably somewhere over 60 years ago:))

Sue and Doug said...

nice work on the Trike!!..good for you both..hope all the appointments are done soon and you can sit back and relax@@

Happytrails said...

Wow! That is a fine looking trike! I am sure you will have many many fun hours of riding on that baby!
Hope all the doctor visits turn out good for Ms Pat. We've been through the doctor circuit for about a year. It does get tiring.
You all take care and try to get some rest whenever you can!

Jim said...

Mike you look good sitting on the trike. I still can't get my head around how to turn a Harley without leaning. Is Miss Pat Ok with you lifting one of those rear wheels off the ground in the turns :)

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Your trike looks great I know you will really like riding it.Were home now but I am planning on a trip to the Lake with the fiver with my Grandson, hey, I'm retired gotta do something. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Rick and Paulette said...

Looks great! I haven't ridden a MC for years but I do remember the leaning to turn and that trike looks like it would be a lot different. It sure seems safer to me though just looking at it.

Donna K said...

The trike looks great. Bet you'll have a lot of fun on that.

Rene' and Jeanette Genereux said...

The trike looks great. Great photo and looking forward to more photos and reading about some rides in the near future. Sounds like you have the home improvements well in hand.

Barb Bergquist said...

Great looking trike, Mike. (That rhymes - I'm a poet and didn't know it. Ha - ha...) Looking forward to seeing it in person!