Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting Back in the Groove….

Ms. Pat is putting the final touches on a towel ring in our bathroom. With the horrendous amount that was accomplished on our “Cabin” last year by Rollie and Gina, Rocky and Sheri, and multitudes of friends and neighbors, it's surprising we still have so much left do do. With the building of our place at Retama Village in Mission, TX, then the remodeling of the house and yard at North Ranch in Arizona, along with building the "Cabin" here in Custer, it has all about overwhelmed us! Especially ME! I do not care for this kind of work AT ALL!  I have never ever cared for any kind of carpenter work. I’m a mechanical type guy. I can cut a board half a dozen times and it will still be too short! But here we go again... we still have all the floor covering, the kitchen cabinets, sink, lots of trim work and getting some furniture to finish the project.
We’ll take on these jobs one by one and someday, we may be finished. It's hard to find any contractors to work up here in the Summer.  It's their busy time of year so we'll just have to do what we can.  Meanwhile, the first project of the Summer is to get these towel bars installed. Ms. Pat says they MUST be perfectly level!
There right on, perfect!!

Ah, the last one…….Ms. Pat approves.....I’m outta here. I have to work on my Motorcycle..Smile
Well, she had one more very important job for me……..last but not least. Now we are all set. We have sure been enjoying this fine bathroom and the Shower is SUPERB!!

Now on to my Motorcycle.  I have an extremely exciting project going on right now with my Harley Softail Classic motorcycle, but I will wait until another time to tell you all about it. To say I am excited about it is an understatement.

Meanwhile, Ms. Pat has had some Flooring installers come out and measure up the entire “Cabin” floor and she is in the process of looking at floor covering and making a decision on what she wants, type, color, etc. More stuff that I don’t want any part of……Gina and Dale, Ms Pat really wishes you were here for support. :-)
Ms. Pat wanted a burner set up so she could pre-cook several "slabs" of baby back ribs she bought at Sams Club before freezing them. Now that interests me! We sure miss Rollie and all his great cookers and burners and especially his delicious cooking. Soon we had her all fixed up and she had a big pot of ribs and the Toy Barn was smelling GOOD!
Now don’t these baby backs look good? I can assure you they were GOOD!  Ms Pat says they weren't as good as Rollie's but I though they were DELICIOUS!!
We had the pleasure of having our friends Barbara and Tom stop by yesterday evening to say howdy and pick up some PressurePro supplies. It was great to see these fine folks way up here in the Black Hills. They were establishing residency in Rapid City and we hope we’ll see more of them. They have always been extremely helpful at the Gypsy Journal Rallies we have attended in Arizona. They handle all the Seminar sound and projection equipment and they do an excellent job!! Enjoy the Hills guys and stop on back….

One last item before I close
I have a “Brake Buddy” toad vehicle braking system For Sale in case any one has a need for one. It is in excellent shape and I would make some one a good deal on it or trade for ?  Give me a holler.

I want to extend a Big WELCOME to our latest followers:

Doyle and Terri Johnson

Welcome to our Blog Folks, I am so happy to have you stop by. Please feel free to comment at any time. Most of us Bloggers cherish any and all means a lot to us. If I have missed any followers, I am truly sorry. We do appreciate you very much. It is all of our followers that keep me going! God Bless you all!!

It was a GREAT WEEK !!!! As we continue to Praise God for giving us the strength to keep going and providing us with such a beautiful life.  Thank you for stopping by!


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Rene' and Jeanette Genereux said...

Uhmm, to work on flooring, or other home improvement, or to fool around with your motorcycle? Easy decision.....and the Harley wins!

I actually enjoy doing home improvements...but the magnet is much stronger towards the motorized two wheeler.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Your like me I like grease a whole lot more than wood shavings all over. I can figure out to make something start and run or generate or pump, but I can't cut a 2x4 in a straight line. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Sharon Del Rosario said...

It's good to see our friends Barb and Tom smiling in the SD sunshine! And those ribs look good, too. As for home glad we're full-time RVers! Just take it one step at a time and you'll whittle down the number of jobs left on the To Do list.

Happytrails said...

Glad you got all those towel bars and things nice and level!!
I know you are excited about your bike project....I can hear it in your writing. Can't wait to hear all about it.
Hope you guys enjoyed the ribs!! :-)

Sue and Doug said...

home improvements are always a fun way to spend some time..just get them level so you only have to do it one..and then there is the old saying..measure twice cut once!!


Good thing you & I aren't in the carpentry business together Mike. With you cutting boards to short & me cutting them too long we sure would have us a long line of impatient & grimacing people waiting for us to build them an outhouse that's for sure......