Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hey....That’s Too HOT For Me!!

They recorded 102* in Phoenix yesterday.  It’s never as hot here as it is in Phoenix but I recorded 95* on my weather station on top of the house here at North Ranch. Now, that’s too HOT for me, especially when I have some heavy work to do. I was putting this Rampage motorcycle loader on Pallets getting it ready to ship. That thing is HEAVY! Although I was under the carport out of the direct sun, I was still soaking wet while I was lugging the thing around. I went through about 3-4 bottles of water. I got it ready for the truck to pick up and I hope he gets here soon. I’m tired of walking around that thing.

Soon it will be on its way to South Carolina and I will be on my way to Custer, South Dakota, where the high yesterday was 46*.  Sounds good right?  I don’t know about the 26* it got down to during the night though. Don’t know if I’m ready for that or not.  Oh well, it will be about a month before we depart. We have set May 24TH as our departure date…….

Last Sunday I was having a tough day. If you remember from my blog it was my son Mikel’s Birthday.  I was just feeling a little low and I was looking forward to getting to Church and listening to our favorite Pastor deliver his usual wonderful message from God. He did just that and delivered one of his most powerful sermons that I had ever heard. Most of the congregation was in tears, including me.

Then at the end of the sermon, he got real serious and dropped the BOMB. He said that God had spoken to him and told him it was time for him to move on with his ministry.  He will be moving to Hawaii. His last day will be May 13th.  Everyone was shocked, and couldn’t believe their ears. Sobs were heard everywhere. I was doing my best to hold my emotions back but when I walked by Pastor Dean to shake his hand and wish him well, I broke down. As I hugged him, I mumbled through my sobbing, how much I was going to miss him and I asked him to stop and see my son Mikel, who is buried at the "Punchbowl" Military Cemetery there.  Mikel was stationed in Hawaii for a good part of his Military career and he loved it there.

He assured me he would do that.  Pastor Dean is one of the finest men and pastors I have ever known.  When Mikel passed away, he and his wife, Rhonda, came to our house and prayed with us. It was such a comfort to Pat and I. Many of our friends that have gone to Church with us while in the area also marveled at his power in delivering the word of God. Rollie and Gina were especially fond of Pastor Dean.  He has been here in Wickenburg for 11 years.  We know he will do well and we know that he and his wife are excited about the move.  But let me tell you, NO MAN will ever fill this man's shoes in MY BOOK. God Bless you Pastor Dean.  YOU made a real difference in MY LIFE and "Thank You God" for letting me know Pastor Dean.  He has strengthened my faith many times over.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Now we are headed in to Church, in hopes we can hear Pastor Dean, just a few more times…… Praise the Lord.


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butterbean carpenter said...

Howdy Pat & Mike,
Thank you, for another great blog!!
I tried to find the wheel covers , but evidently they no longer make them.. All that is shown on MCD page is 'shades'!!! Y'all are always in our prayers, as is your extended family..

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We are in Vegas and it is 100+ here too. We agree...a bit too hot for us.
Oh man...We know what you are going through losing your Pastor. It happened to us, but we did have some warning. You were a bit blindsided. It is a wonderful feeling I think when you can find a friend in your pastor. Working in our church office for several years, it was a wonderful feeling knowing that no matter what concerns or troubles I had, I could talk with Pastor Bruce and he would judgments...just open ears.
You are so Blessed to have had Pastor Dean there for you doing a terrible time in your life. What a Blessing to know that this same gentleman will be visiting you son and praying for him.
One suggestion...please keep your hearts open to the next Pastor. He will need all your love and support. He is going to try to fill some mighty big shoes, and he will need your open minds and open hearts for him to succeed. God Bless Pastor Dean, you two and your new spiritual leader.


Don't think I have ever experienced 100+ temperatures. Maybe a few 90's here & there. I think 85 is about my max. I find that high temps bother me far more now than when I was younger. To me, 75 is just about perfect. Didn't that bullet loading machine come with a little A/C blower on it.....:))

John and Carol said...

Now that's hot. Time to make like a tree and leave. :)

Happy Hatter Bev said...

I feel your pain with losing your pastor. We found out last night that we were losing Father Joy in Congress and he was a JOY to all :-( He served three churches. He explained the need today more than ever to deliver the word of God so our Bishop approved another Priest and he will serve 2 churches. Your loss could be a plus in the grand scheme of delivering the Message. It is 108 degrees near Valley of Fire in NV.

sell my house said...

The heart break and powerful sermons is awesome!Pastor Dean has a good personality.

Sue said...

I am so sorry about your son. We lost two people in our family this past week and it was a real shock and I know it will be hard to adjust so I know how you must be feeling.

Isn't it wonderful how God puts just the right person in our lives when we need it. So glad you had such a loved and respected pastor. While the next one might not have the same type of care and actions of your Pastor Dean the truth is when he preaches it's not the man you are hearing from it is the Holy Spirit. My son is a pastor and he reminds the congregation every time he preaches that they have not come to hear a man or a woman but to hear from the Holy Spirit. So I hope you all will find another wonderful friend in the new pastor you get but continue to listen to the Holy Spirit preach through him or her.