Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Dec 24TH, 2008

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Christmas Eve we had our usual Champagne Brunch at the new Clubhouse. We had lots and lots of fine food and, of course, WAY too many calories.......In the picture above are Larry & Linda Moore, Bob & Kathleen Gomez, and Dave & Linda Cypcar. And, you can't have a Champagne Brunch without Champagne & orange juice. (-:

This was our table,,,,,,,,,,The BIG guy on the left is Gail Quinn, on his left is Bonnie Quinn, next is me, then Pat's empty chair (she's taking the picture) next is Dave McCarron and wife Sue. With their back to us are new friends and the folks that have Tom & Sally's lot rented.

We all gathered back again in the evening for snacks. We didn't have a group picture this year,,,,,,darn!!! We were all ready for CHRISTMAS!!!

Back in about 1977 when my Company sent me from Denver to Florida, I was so intrigued and appreciative of the warm weather that I vowed to always go walking on the Beach on CHRISTMAS DAY (if there was beach close by). Since then there have been very few Christmases that we have had to miss and it has become a tradition.

The above picture was taken on South Padre Island on the Gulf of Mexico. It is located 100 miles East of our place. This is our 2nd Christmas on this beach and this picture was taken at the north end of the road on the Island. I took this exact same picture last year....

It's a little foggy, but the beach is right behind us.

We drove for miles along the Seashore close to the water's edge.

Stopped long enough to take another picture. The waves were rolling in, see them behind us? It was in the 70's and very enjoyable.

Uh, Oh, that wave came a little close!!! The tide is coming in, we better get out of here!!!

We moved to higher ground and had our usual Lunch of Cheese and Crackers along with the Traditional glass of Champagne. Praise the Lord!!

This is what it's all about. Pat and I give our Thanks for the many blessings we have.

We hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

God Bless!!!

It was a GREAT WEEK !!!!!!!!


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Jerry and Suzy said...

We did have a good Christmas, thank you, and are glad you did too.

It is fun to follow whatever traditions you have, even walking on a beach on Christmas Day!

It's been cold here in Benson -- below 20 degrees last night, right at 20 the night before. Maybe we should try Mission, TX or Fort Lauderdale some year!

Cheers and Hugs!

Bruce and Carol said...

Omygosh, what a wonderful day you had. Be sure to check out my blog! Our weather sure is different. You guys look so good. I swear, neither of you have changed a single bit! :)+

Randy and Terry said...

So glad you had a good Christmas celebration. Sure would have liked to have that 70 degree weather when we were in Kansas!! :)