Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WHEW,,,Tough Job!

One thing about a tough job, it's GREAT when you get it done!!! Here is one job I was extremely HAPPY to get done. A 12" section of Flex pipe on the exhaust pipe of my Volvo had rusted out. It was right near the engine and was one of those tough challenges that really had me scrambling. No room to work and the 5" Flex pipe is tough stuff to work with. It took some time and yes, a little blood and lots of sweat!

Here it is all COMPLETED!!! Finally!! Now to change the dressing on my sore finger......:-)

This is the first Post on my NEW COMPUTER!!!! BOY,,,is it neat!

Let me tell you,,,Mark Bruss is the BEST computer geek there is,,BY FAR!!!He took my new Computer, along with the old one and spent hours setting it up and transferring everything over.

He let me have the old one back long enough to do my last Sunday Blog, then he was back at it. He is extremely particular and wants it to be JUST RIGHT,,,,,,,and perfect it was!!! I have never had a new PC set up so neat and thoroughly. He is extremely competent and what a joy it was to have him set up this new computer!!! Thank you AGAIN Mark!!!

After Mark got it all set up he brought it back to me and spent a couple hours showing me all about it.... Here he is demonstrating some of Vista's features. I had heard a lot of negative things about the new Vista and I was a little bit afraid of it. However, Mark assured me that it is GREAT!! He likes it a lot and told me not to worry about it..... I know I didn't absorb all he showed me, but I hope I got some of it. If not, Mark is just a couple sites down and always more than ready to help........ A mighty neat guy to have CLOSE!! Also, thanks to Dale for letting him help us. I'm sure he had to postpone a few items on her "honey do" list.
Here is Marks Blog. Dale and Mark Bruss
You will be surprised how much you can learn from his website. Hardly a day goes by that I don't refer to it to get his take on different situations and more often than not he is RIGHT ON and saves me a lot of unnecessary grief and work...

TONIGHT.......we get to go on a ride as a group in a Horse drawn wagon, to see all the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS in a special display at the Festival of Lights in the City of Hidalgo, TX..............It was a beautiful 89 degrees and no wind yesterday, TODAY, it's 41 this morning with a high expected in the 50's and the wind is blowing like crazy!!! Hope those Horses walk fast!!!!

See ya all Sunday.......

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Emery Nash said...

Hi Mike,

Just a nit picking point of symantical elocution. Down in the south it is "Y'all" not "ya all".. REF: Chris Tucker to Jackie Chan in Rush Hour.

Also See: for the full perspective.

Seriously though, I hope you and Pat are having an excellent time... sure sounds like you are. I just had to replace that same section of flex pipe on Clifford, too... and the muffler. Not a bad job for someone with a pit to get under it... terrible job for a fat old man with clearance issues.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, you'd be great guy to know if I ever get a rusted exhaust pipe! It's good to have knowledgeable and helpful friends!

We recently got our first Vista computer, had the same early misgivings, but now we're quite happy with it.

See y'all down the road!