Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter STRUCK in South Texas!!!

Yes, it cooled off down here, too!!! Monday it was 65 when we got up and it got way up to 79 right after lunch and was beautiful!!! Then by evening it was down to 57 and of course, the wind almost always blows. Then Tuesday (yesterday)when we woke up it was 39, cloudy, misty, windy and cool. Due to the humidity here, it ALWAYS feels considerably cooler than the thermometer says it is. It was up to 52 by Noon but soon went back down to 44 for the remainder of the day. It was cloudy and misty almost all day.

But I don't really mind a little cool weather,,,,,in fact, I enjoy it....mainly when I know it won't last long and I will NEVER have to scoop SNOW!!!
Besides, with our NEW fireplace,,,,,,,it was comfortable!!!! Yep, we have a new FIREPLACE!!!!! I love fireplaces, I miss the one we had in our house. So I just had to have one...Off shopping we went! Here is a picture of it:
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Neat, huh?
It's real easy to move from our Coach (RV) out to the Coach House, too. Ah, this is perfect!!!!! Can't you just imagine sitting in front of this SUPER fire, relaxing in the recliner, listening to Christmas music? Especially when it's cool outside... here is another picture:

Ah, Ha,,,,,,,,,Now you know "the rest of the story"!We found this Fireplace at Sam's for a mere $7.00!!! OK,,so its just a DVD, but with a "little" imagination, you can feel the heat!!!:-) It wasn't long until I took my long sleeves off and was real warm. I never was short on imagination!!!!;-) Besides, it snaps and crackles just like a real fire and the wood never burns out and there are no ashes to carry out!!!! What a DEAL!!!
You can see the cabinets we had built. Soon we will mount the TV up above in the cut out area after we get the cabinets all stained.
Here is Estaban setting up the cabinets before he mounted them. Estaban has a large shop close by in Weslaco, TX. He has been doing this for many years and has over 14 guys working for him. He came out and measured the area and Pat told him what she wanted, he went back and built them and came out Saturday for installation.

This is one of Estaban's men building the framework for the final finished product. These guys do FANTASTIC work!!! All angles are perfect.
This is the corner section they built for us. This is where we will have our "wet bar". We already put plumbing and a drain in the wall for this installation. The open space in the upper cabinet is for a microwave. They have to be stained and we will put a Granite top on the counter and install a sink with faucets. The door on the right is the bathroom. They also built a linen and towel cabinet there over the stool.
It's slowly all coming together, so you can all come on down out of that COLD country and spend some time with us. Now we have place for you. COME ON DOWN!!!!
Thanks for stopping by. As you can see we're staying plenty busy, it's always something. Right now, I'm working on my Motorcycle and have the front wheel off. A new tire is on order for it.......
It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!
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Jerry and Suzy said...

Beautiful cabinets! And the fire is lovely!

Do you really have room for us to come and visit? As true-believing RVers, we'd need to stay in our own motorhome.

We're also true-believing Saguaro SKP Park believers, so we'll stay here for the winter! Thanks anyway.

Bruce and Carol said...

Gotta love that fireplace! You have a good point about not having to carry out the ashes AND not having to spend a few weeks during the summer getting the wood in to burn! Mike, you do have a good imagination, indeed!! Snowing here.......need I say more????? And it has just begun.

Kdet said...

I love the fireplace! I have a fish aquarium on mine but now I want the fireplace too! The cabinets look great also. Can't wait until we can start working on ours.