Wednesday, July 29, 2009

FINALLY,,,,it's done!!!

Did you ever have something that you needed to do? You KNEW you needed to do it, but DREADED it and kept putting it off and off. Well that's been the case with Ms Pat and I for about 3 years with the ONE LAST rented storage unit we had that we needed to EMPTY!!! We would stop and look in on it and quickly say "UGH", close the door, pay another years storage fee's and FORGET about it. I can see most of you full time RV'ers saying "Yep, been there"!

It was mostly all just "STUFF". Stuff that we would never miss. In fact, I always kinda hoped the storage unit would burn down or a tornado would place it in some other county. But NO, that didn't happen. :-)

Now we have this Cargo Trailer and a place for the "junk" out here at our place. We had a deadline, as the rent was paid up through August. We still procrastinated. Finally yesterday just as we were headed for our 7:30 morning hike in the Park, something hit me. I told Pat, it's cool today and instead of hiking, lets BITE the BULLET and get that storage unit emptied.....She looked at me in shock and said "REALLY". I said "REALLY"! She saw I was motivated, so she agreed and we set out to do the dreaded task!!

As you can see the storage unit is EMPTY!!!!! Pat admires the emptiness and we both are proud that the inspiration finally hit us. It was a RELIEF to get this job behind us!!
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Our good friends and fellow neighbors in Texas, David and Sue McCarron, have been visiting the area for the last 2 weeks and are departing today. So they stopped by last night for one last Happy Hour and so we could bid them farewell on their travels on up into Montana and Idaho. You can see in the background that Ms Mega2 joined the party....

David and Sue also have a Volvo 770 just like ours to pull their Teton. Their dog Trip, couldn't hold still for the picture, he loves it here! It's about 6pm and note the Jackets!!! Yep, it's near August and we LOVE IT!!!

David and Sue's only other mode of transportation besides the Volvo are these 2 Motorcycles. They ride a lot!! They have a neat way of loading and unloading their Bikes with a Crane lift. It works NEAT..... Safe Travels you two,,,,,,stay in touch!!!

If I can just "HOLD ON" 2 more days.....our Harley should be here!!!! The Driver called and said he will be here Friday or Saturday. Seems like I been waiting FOREVER, but it sure has given me something to look forward to.

Ms Pat and I have been here stationary for about 2-1/2 months and we, of course, are developing a bad case of "hitch itch". You RV'ers all know about that. So I have planned a little trip for us in the future. It will be about Aug 17Th before we can get away. It will only be for a week to ten days, but it will be different. Wait until you hear what I have dreamed up!!!!;-)

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!

God Bless you all.....

Until next time....


PS. Mel and Nina, we're waiting for you!!!! Your spot is OPEN!!! Travel safe!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

We are anxious to see the new Harley! Not as anxious as you, of course, but we don't want to see you get a case of over-anxiety! Gotta get you calmed down.

Yes, we appreciate the hitch itch, and we gotta take ourselves a little ride pretty soon too. Rosie is feeling lonely up in the storage lot.

Congrats on finally emptying the storage. Are you still going to hang on to all the STUFF?

Carol said...

Good for you and the "stuff". I got motivated yesterday and we defrosted our little chest freezer. Sorta hit me that I needed to git 'er done---so we did.

OK, so hopefully Sunday we will see you posed on the new bike! We can hardly wait.

Wish your road trip was heading you our way. We are still having nice cool temps up here in the mountains as well. Lovin' it!

hugs! :)+

Rick and Paulette said...

Mike, congratulations on emptying the storage locker - it must feel great not to have to think about that anymore. Nice Volvo - wow! It's 106 degrees here in Washington St. today, so those jackets look just great to me!

Debbie Goode said...

I can only imagine what you dreamed up, but I'm sure it is a do-zy! We have those storage-shed blues as well, but just not ready to let go of all that stuff....not quite yet