Sunday, July 12, 2009

There is a MOOSE on the LOOSE!!!!

I can't believe this!!! Several people reported seeing a "Moose" out in Custer State Park. Someone got this picture of it......this has never happened before that anyone knows of. This picture has made front page news on all of the local Newspapers. The closest Moose to this area would be located in Montana and Wyoming. I understand they do travel long distances. It will be interesting to find out if he stays or passes on through.. Now if he likes it here as well as most folks do, he may be here a while!!!LOL, Next I suppose it will be a BEAR!!!!!

We have been keeping busy. We shipped out 7 PressurePro systems this week. We had to go to Rapid City Wednesday and had a lot of stops to make. It was a LONG day. By the time we got back home to Custer, we had received orders for 4 systems. Now that's a good day, maybe we should go to Rapid more often. It is about 45 miles, so we don't go but a couple times a month. We have 2 good grocery stores in Custer where we can get groceries. Plus we have an extra Frig in the shop, so we can stock up.

One gentleman that ordered a nice large System from us was Keith Green, from Lufkin, TX. He has been following our blog and is a friend on Facebook. Nice fellow!! The next day I was reading his Blog and was startled to find out that he had a FIRE in his house!
Here is his Blog: Green2GoRV

We were so sorry to hear of this. What a mess, thankfully neither Keith nor his wife Donna were injured. But look at their house! What a shame! Fortunately they have a nice Motorhome to use. Keith and Donna, our hearts go out to you in dealing with this tragedy. I wish we were closer and could be of some help. Please keep us advised.

Our good friends, fellow Tetoners and Blog followers, Roger and Diane Smith stopped and said hello while they were in the area. We sat outside and watched a big rain storm skirt around us.

While Roger and Diane were here they got a glimpse of the famous Ms Megabyte2. Although it had to be a quick glimpse, because she had to get back to "work" helping Ms Pat with bookwork. She spends hours here and in all kinds of hilarious positions.....She has been doing real well and gets so rambunctious around here that she gets worn out. I sure had NO IDEA that cats were so entertaining.....:-) She is a JOY!!

Yesterday we took the 4X4 out for a 25 mile ride in the Forest close to our place and ended up down at Broken Arrow Campground. We went up to the top of Cicero's about 5 miles south of us. We were able to ride all the way to the top.

Here we are at the top near the Forest Service communications tower... Cicero Peak is only 6,168'. That's nearly 1000' lower than Harney Peak the highest in the area. However, it's a nice view of the surrounding country side.

This is looking down to the East....

Now we are back down at the base. We had a nice rain here this can see the water puddles in the road.

These valley's are Beautiful.......and so Green!!

It was a Fantastic Ride and we stopped in and said hello to Larry and Geri Gustafson, owners of Broken Arrow Campground....before heading back home.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!

Travel safe and thanks for dropping by..


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Rick and Paulette said...

Hey Mike, that's quite the Moose, maybe there's a few more around. I saw that Keith and Donna had a terrible fire as I follow their blog. Sounds like they were very lucky to get out with just burns on their feet. That's a bit too close for comfort. Cats, and dogs, do end up resting in the strangest places, don't they?

Rick and Paulette said...

p.s. - thanks for posting all the great pics of the area. They were very nice to see.


Jerry and Suzy said...

Those ARE nice pix of your area. We'll make it back up there some day, but we have places to go we haven't ever been, so it'll have to wait. Maybe we can catch you at one of your other regular stops!

Mega2 is quite a girl, isn't she! With your cat and Rick and Paulette's dogs, we have a real menagerie to enjoy vicatiously. Thanks for sharing!

(We'd have been first responders this morning, but we were up before you posted. This is later in the day in we usually read blogs.)

Carol said...

Love the ticker at the bottom!!

We find that our dogs are very amusing too, especially our long legged, happy go lucky Bozwell. Hope you get to meet them someday. Mega is tooooo cute, slumbering in front of the keyboard. I have a friend whose cat like to walk across it when she is emailing me.

Hugs to both of you! :)+

Ellie and Jim said...

Now why couldn't we have seen that MOOSE on our hikes around the park! Hey, you know there's a geocache up on Cicero Peak, you need to go back up and get it!

Take care, my friend!