Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Camera DIED!!!

My old Nikon Camera gave up the ghost this week. It totally "died". It was several years old and had served me well. I sent it in to Nikon about a year ago for a total going over including a new Flash Bulb. That was to the tune of $150.00 plus shipping. I didn't want to spend any more money on it, so I went shopping for a new camera. I came up with the new Nikon D5000, just recently put on the market.
Pictured below: (click on all pictures to enlarge)
It's a D-SLR,,,,,,,,,First time I've ever had a SLR in digital. I just got it 3 days ago, so I'm busy studying and learning.. WOW, when did camera's become so complicated? Plus the manuals that come with them are almost impossible to understand..Who writes them?? I don't know if I will EVER understand all this!!!

If you interested in the spec's of the camera and learning a little more about it, check it out at this web site: NIKON D5000

The Trucking Firm showed up on schedule Thursday morning to pick up the Suzuki Marauder. Here are a few pictures of them loading it..(taken with my old-old camera)

Backed up to my shop and letting the lift down.

Load the Bike on....
Raise it up.....

Take it up front and put it on a special Motorcycle Pallet.....

Strap it down, cover it up and it's off on its journey to Maryland. Which brings an END to my life with the Suzuki and brings me closer to getting back into the Harley Corner. Time for that delivery slowly gets closer day by day.... Delivery date Aug 1-2, just 2 weeks!!!! Guess I'll just WAIT!!:-)
Dave and Sue McCarron arrived in Custer on Wednesday and will be here a couple of weeks. They are neighbors of ours at Retama Village in Mission, TX. They came here from Mission and they said it was so hot down there, it was almost unbearable. That is definitely not a place to be in the summertime. When they rode over to see us on their motorcycles on Friday, they had their jackets on. By the time they left, they were putting on heavier jackets. :-) They are glad to be up here in the nice, cool weather. I wish my Harley was here so we could do some riding in the Hills with them.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Waiting is a tough thing to do -- we're expecting new recliner chairs for our trailer this week -- it's been seven weeks since we ordered them!

Even harder than waiting is trying to decipher instruction manuals for new cameras or electronics. Thank goodness they print them in twelve different languages that you also don't understand! Of course, many things come only with rudimentary warning (Don't use this TV in the bathtub!)and tell you to look on line for instructions.

Padraic & Willie said...

I was just checking out D5000 yesterday on the way, great DSLR. I have D70s for several years and own a few Nikon SLRs include the F2 since 1973.

Carol said...

That's a nice looking camera, Mike. I was wondering if you were trying to read the instructions in one of the other 12 languages that Jerry and Suzy mention! Sometimes trial and error works but reading and understanding, well, that takes some time, for sure.

Keep counting the days 'til the new bike gets there!!!! We do so enjoy the time you put into keeping us updated on your blog!!! :)+

Rick and Paulette said...

Mike, that's a great camera you have there. I'm sure you'll quickly figure out what works best and is the easiest. I used to own a few SLR's but lately, I've just stuck with the high-end point and shoots - much smaller manuals - lol.