Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nifty PressurePro Monitor Mount....

I've seen a lot of different ways to mount the PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitor, but this is by far the BEST!!! Our friends Mel and Nina Harrison, who were just here visiting, had this outstanding Mount on the dash of their beautiful Kountry Star motorhome. Since dozens of our customers read this Blog, I wanted to show it to you.

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Isn't it sharp? They had just come from the Newmar Factory and one of the guys from Nappanee, IN built this for them. As I said, I have seen dozens of mounts for the Monitor. This one takes TOP honors in my book. It matches the wood interior of their Kountry Star. Interestingly, the craftsman that made this piece of "art" is only 17 YEARS OLD!!!

This is a top view. It is held in place with Velcro..
Rear view....
This is the drivers view as they travel down the road. It accomplishes several things. First it is right in sight and easy to see. A low pressure warning would get your attention even if you didn't hear the BEEP! Also, importantly, it is up high on the dash and near the center. This helps it receive a signal from all the Sensors on both sides of the Motorhome and Toad. Mel never misses a Signal with this set up, even though his Coach is 40+ ft long.

The only improvement I suggested to Mel was that he replace that lighter plug cord with one of our "hard wire" cords and run it behind the dash. That would get rid of the rather distractive cord hanging down in front as it does. Plus, as I've mentioned, a "hard wire" is a lot more secure and dependable connection.

PressurePro Tip:

We get quite a few calls from customers that tell us they get a light from one of their wheel positions. Then when they "scroll" to that position with the "up" or "down" button, they get 3 dashes "---". Some get this light only occasionally and others get it more often. For some, it goes away and for others it doesn't. This definitely should be dealt with as it should not be happening.

If this happens to you, the first thing you should do at your first opportunity is stop and remove the Sensor. NOW,,,take that Sensor in your hand up to the Monitor. Your Monitor should be getting Flashing "00"s and beeping FAST!

If it is giving you the above described signal of "00"s, then the Sensor is working, and you have a "reception" problem. Something is blocking the signal......there are several things you can try to alleviate the problem. One thing you can do is change the position of the monitor and put it in a different location. (always wait 5 minutes or more for it to report in) If that doesn't help, delete the Sensor and reinstall it, preferably in a different location. Always listen for the tell-tail signal of a "hiss" of air as you screw it on. This will confirm that the seal is hitting the Dill valve properly. If it still isn't getting a signal through to your Monitor, you obviously need a Repeater. Check one out on our web site and give us a call.

If you don't get the "00"s when you carry the Sensor up to the Monitor, the best thing to do is check the seal and then again "Delete" the Sensor and reinstall it. If it doesn't report in during the first ONE MINUTE of the reinstall, then you may have a dead Sensor or a damaged seal.

For any of these problems and others questions that you might have, give us a call. We are normally available 7 days a week, from 7am to 7pm. We are on a cell phone and they can be unreliable at times, so if you don't get us or we don't call you back within an hour, try us again. We have gotten messages that are several hours or even days old before we get them.

When you call, we will need you to have your Monitor ON and in a position that we can have you do some troubleshooting with it. We WILL get it working for you. If we can't, we know someone that can and we will send you to the TOP!!! There are THOUSANDS of people using this great system and never experience a problem. That is the way it is designed to work and believe me it WILL do just that!!!

We have thousands of Motorcycles everywhere in the Hills right now. It is WALL to WALL! I'm enjoying riding the new Harley around locally and never get out on the main highways amongst all that traffic. I want to get used to the bike a little before I do that or take on a Passenger. I went down to the empty High School parking lot a couple times and rode in slow circles, figure eights etc. I'm getting brushed up and feeling out the bike and will soon be ready to hit the ROAD! Oops that doesn't sound to good, I don't want to hit the road, just ride the road!! Many thanks to all of you that have written and ask me to "Please be Careful". I appreciate it very much. I will... I promise!!! Plus Ms Pat will keep her eye on me...very close!

I've carried on long enough. We have been extremely busy, which makes the time fly by....but we're havin' fun!!!

It's a GREAT WEEK!!!

Travel Safe!!! Thanks for stopping by.....


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Rick and Paulette said...

Hi Mike, I don't have the Pressure Pro on our rig, but I found your tips on troubleshooting interesting. Glad to see you're doing a bit of practicing on your new bike before venturing out on the highway - that's a very smart thing to do. Good luck with that great looking Harley!

Jerry and Suzy said...

That is a neat mount, all right. However, we wouldn't want it up on the dash like that. Suzy has enough distractions with me sitting next to her! (Chuckle) She does all the motorhome driving, while I navigate.

We have a laptop sitting on the dash on the passenger side, displaying our DeLorme Street Atlas route. That's enough dashboard-top electronics. Pressure Pro sits sedately on the face of the dashboard, just doing its job!