Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wahoo,,,,the Hills are quiet again!!

Yep, just what I've been waiting for...we have our Hills back!!! There is just the normal Bike traffic here in the Black Hills again. There are always quite a few Motorcycles around since this is such a popular place to ride. More local folks have Motorcycles here than anywhere else in the world that I have ever seen. Our Dentist, Insurance Agent, Doctor, friends and neighbors, all have a Bike...they love to ride these Hills! That's what I've been looking forward to. Yesterday I decided to make my first short trip and took off shortly after lunch.
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Pat came out with the camera just as I was leaving.
Here we go,,,,,,,Off, Off and away!!!

I gave a wave as I headed out into Custer State Park. I had about a 50 mile course plotted out. I wasn't quite ready to take a passenger yet. I want to be SURE I'm familiar and comfortable on the Bike before I add another 130 lbs.

We chugged smoothly down the driveway, out on the road and into the Hills. As I said before, I had forgotten how low torque these Harley's are. This baby is smooth and comfortable. It's kinda like towing with a Volvo compared to a pickup truck.. If you have a class 7-8 tow truck, you know what I mean!! It feels GOOD!!! The more I ride it, the more I like it...WOW!

I went out into Custer State Park, over Mt. Coolidge and on south into Wind Cave National Park. In Wind Cave, I encountered 2 herds of Buffalo on the roadway. I easily maneuvered right on through them and the tourists stopped to take pictures. They were out of their cars and getting way too close to them but I had other things on my mind. I was really enjoying myself!

I continued on south and turned West on Hwy 385 and traveled on to Pringle and back into Custer. When I idled back into the yard, I had 49 miles on the clock and had been gone just over an hour..... Wow, what a beautiful ride. I enjoy it when things all finally come together!!!

For those of you that have never seen a Peace Officers Special Edition Harley, this is a close-up of the Badge on the Front Fender. I finally got badge # 1. Badge numbers with the Police are a big deal. It ends up being your name. Nobody calls you by name, it's always by Badge #. On the State Police, my Badge # was 117. I hardly remembered my name, but when I heard "Grand Island 117" blare over my radio, I came to attention. In Custer State Park, it was 120.

This is my "Scooter".

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!
God Bless you all, thanks for stopping by.


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Chris said...

You write the most interesting post, I love it when I see your update. Great photos as well.

Happy Trails,

Rick and Paulette said...

That's a great looking bike, Mike. You'll get many more nice rides out of that baby!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Wow, Mike, don't you cut quite the figure!! Black scooter with black saddle bags, black chaps, black boots, black jacket, black helmet, BLUE jeans, GREY beard.

Gotta do something about blue jeans - got any black denims?

Good to see your beard is coming back nicely.

Nick Russell said...

Great looking bike, Mike! I'm glad you had such a nice "first ride" on it.

Carol said...

Thanks for the ride. Imagine it was neat going through those buffalo! Keep us posted on your adventures.....we enjoy them! :)+

squawmama said...

Hi Mike... I found your blog today and so glad that I did.

First... I LOVE Custer, SD.
Second... I am from Florida
And third we are full timers too...

I am adding you to my favorites so I can keep track of your adventures and sure hope you'll come by to visit me too...

Have Fun & Travel Safe
Donna & Ralph