Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Having a “Ball” at the HDT Rally !!


There are “Beautiful Big Trucks” everywhere. We have 40 in attendance at last count. Most are VOLVOS……mostly Red ones and White ones and a few other colors here and there.


Here is a Bright Yellow Volvo and a Pretty Big Blue PETERBILT. That’s Larry, our leader that does such a great job of putting this Rally together. This is one of the little “Smart” cars that some folks haul on the back of their HDT. It will fit cross wise and is a real neat little car. Note the License Plate….LOL. This one belongs to Steve and Gail.  OK, so we’re all a little crazy!!!


Maybe our new Motorhome doesn’t exactly fit in, but we are getting a lot of attention and favorable comments. There is another fellow here that is driving a Holiday Rambler Motorhome. His name is Mike also and he is a “wannabe” HDT’er. Plus our ole’ Buddies Gene and Ann will be here today. They were HDT’ers for a long time just as we were. We are now calling ourselves “Outcasts” but we are having a grand time and we have the highest respect for these HDT’ers. They know how to safely tow a 5TH wheel.

Our PressurePro Seminar was Monday and we have sold several PressurePro systems and a PowerTank to some of the newcomers.    Like I said, these HDT’ers are safety conscious so they know they need a tire pressure  monitoring system on their big rigs. 

There are a lot of Seminars about how to find and build one of these neat RV Towers and classes on the Engines, Brakes, Tires and all other phases necessary. There are several in attendance that drive LGT’s. That’s what we call “Little Girl Trucks” (or “pickups”). Most are 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. They are here to learn about this great way to tow and find out how easy it is to get into.   Soon they too will become owner/operators of HDT’s. It always puts a BIG smile on their face! It’s FUN and it’s SAFE.



Most all “boys” love Trucks and it’s not hard to find a few guys surrounding someone’s truck looking, talking and swapping ideas. It’s great fun to join in and see what others have done. It’s a  place to get a lot of new idea’s and pointers. You see just about everything!

It’s a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by. We may still be here Sunday, who knows. But please stop by and see what we’re up to.

God Bless and Travel Safe!!


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Rick and Paulette said...

"Little Girl Trucks"?? O.K. Mike, them's fightin' words! I guess to get even I'm going to have to find some great 'food pics' and paste them all over my blog now just in case you happen by and see them.

Anyway, I can see just by looking that all you guys are in 'truck heaven' there. Have fun!

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

Our 1-ton little girl truck is at max GCWR capacity which doesn't give good vibes regarding towing in heavy traffic. Wish we could have been to the HDT rally. We are in central FL hanging out at the in-laws campground until hurricane Paula lets us come down to the FL Keys to start our winter workamping jobs. Hopefully our IL farm will sell by spring so we can decide whether to go the HDT or the motorhome route. Glad the HDT rally is going well! -Dave & Sheila

Rod and Connie said...

Looks like great fun! Good luck with sales and enjoy your stay.


Debbie Goode said...

Our "little girl" truck will have to hang in for a while longer, but as soon as the house sells we will be moving on up to the "big boy" rigs. I just told my hubby we need to attend one of these "big boy" truck rallies to get ourselves 'educated' a bit!