Sunday, October 24, 2010

That was a “Dirty” trick!

I got up Thursday morning at my usual time, got the kitty some food, poured my coffee and sat down at my computer. When I clicked on my email (which I always do first thing) to my shock and surprise was an email from my son Mikel. NOW that startled me!! I sat there and stared at it.  What is this?  Am I dreaming? Mikel has been gone for over 5 month’s now. My eyes were wide open and my heart rose up into my throat.  Man, I miss him something fierce.  My heart wanted to believe he really didn’t die at all. This was HIS email!  It came from his “exact” email address.  It had “NO SUBJECT” and was dated late at night. Those were all Mikel’s characteristic. WOW!

By now I was almost shaking.  Pat was getting up and I told at her to come and look.  We decided to OPEN it up.  Maybe he had it set for some type of delayed delivery.  My heart was pounding as I opened the email.  Was Mikel communicating with me?

When I opened the email all it contained was a “link”. A link that wasn’t familiar to me at all.   Now, I knew better than to click on that link.  So we sent it to Mark Bruss, our computer expert, and asked what we should do and if there was any way he could tell us what it was.  Soon, we heard from Mark and he told us it was a “VIAGARA” ad.  I don’t know HOW they do that “spam” crap like that with MY Son’s email address, but it's a DIRTY TRICK and if I could find them, we would find out who was tougher, them or me! GRRRR!!

We are at MCD Innovations in McKinney, TX. just north of Dallas. They make Solar Shades for RV’s, homes and businesses.

They are a prospering, growing company and just moved into this new location in July. This building is more than double the size of their old one and they have 50 employee’s. They say by the way things are going their employee count will double in 2 years and they will be looking for a bigger place.  Lots of people call and order the shades, which are then made to their specifications and shipped to them for self installation. They also have several dealers out in the field. If you're interested in that kind of work and looking for a job, give them a call as they are looking for representatives. Many Motorhome and 5th Wheel manufacturers are now ordering the shades from MCD and installing them at their Factory. 

They have 7 RV sites along side of their building and as you can see in the above picture all but one site is taken.  This is a busy place and they are totally booked full next week.

Here we are all backed in and hooked up.  I always put out my little PressurePro sign and pass out a few brochures.  No “hard sell” but we’re here if you need a system or just need help with the one you already have.   We did have one customer that came in while we were here.   George and Sandy Stoltz stopped by for some adjustments on their Solar Shades that they had installed a few months ago.  They needed an extra PressurePro Sensor for a “spare”, plus we shipped out 2 systems since we got here.

These windows will have the Solar Shades installed on them Monday and Tuesday. The shades are really neat, you can see out through them but you can’t see in and they keep it much cooler inside your RV. Everyone we know that has them, loves them!

Saturday morning almost everyone pulled out and we were here almost by ourselves.. A few hours after this picture was taken the sky fell in.  It rained like crazy and the Tornado sirens went off. Soon Peggy and Jim that were in the other Motorhome came and told us to come inside the building with them until the storm passed. They work for MCD and live here year around in their Motorhome. Quite an interesting couple. You can read more about them on their Blog:  The RV Adventures of Jim & Peg  They also have an online television show:  American RVer - Television for your Ipod

Hopefully by Blog time on Wednesday, they will have our blinds all installed and I can give you an idea of what they look like. Then we are OUTTA here, headed for Retama Village in Mission, TX.  Many of our good friends are already there. They say it’s HOT there, so these Solar Shades will come in handy!!

The “Kids” (Rollie and Gina) made it all the way to Kentucky safe and sound yesterday to a Family reunion.  Rollie's Dad, Mr. Rollie, and his Uncles Jim and Mike arrived shortly thereafter.  We praise the Lord and his Angels for guarding over us and all of our family and friends as we run about the country enjoying God's beautiful creation and what it has to offer.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!

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JB said...

Somebody should show those spammer folks a little western justice.

We have considered those day night shades that MCD makes but wonder how much time they need. We are going through the area sometime in the next month so may need to check into that a little more throughly.

Jerry and Suzy said...

That's probably a better shade than we have. Ours is a "see-out-but-not-in" shade that hangs from suction cups. They do help with heat, and are not difficulot to install. Anxious to see your new shades! And yes, a little "western justice" would be right. Send 'em to Bad Nick or Sheriff Joe!

Rick and Paulette said...

Looks like the 'shade and blind' business is going strong - that's great.

That spam email was a dirty trick for sure. Things like trojans and malware can make their way onto your computer and then send out emails, with your name, to everyone on your list of 'contacts'. It's pretty common and has been going on for far too many years. I was sorry to see it happened to you in such an awful circumstance.

JB said...

Hey Mike, I just noticed does that MCD outfit only work on brown/beige coaches or something? That appears to be the only colour allowed in their lot.

Jessica said...

My mom had adware on her computer as well. We would get emails from her email address at any time of day - same thing, no subject and a link for viagra. When we went to her house a couple weeks ago, Harry scanned her computer with a free malware program. It found the adware and deleted it so that we don't get any more of those emails.

I can only imagine what kind of shock that was for you. :(

Judy and Emma said...

Wish I had known about the shade company. I just drove past McKinney this morning! UGH.

Are they the type that snap on the outside of your windows?


I have always wished there was a way or a consumer software program that enabled a person to press a button which would send an electronic signal back through the internet system to the original spammer who sent it, & totally destroy his whole computer system. There certainly are a lot of 'low life's' out there!!!!

Sharon Del Rosario said...

That email was indeed a dirty trick. How awful that you thought it was really a message from your son! Glad you didn't click on the link, or you might have caught a virus on your computer.

MCD shades came on our coach for the windshield (motorized) and pilot/co-pilot windows (manual). We love them! And we just replaced our day/night shades with RollEase shades. Love them, too!

But we also have Magne Shades on the outside of the windshield, door and pilot/co-pilot windows, trapping the sun's heat before it hits the glass which produces a greenhouse effect. And the magnet system means you don't have to climb on a ladder to put them on, or put snaps or pins on the coach body, which can cause holes that leak or rust. (not intended as a commercial - we don't sell 'em, just love 'em!)

Dave and Susie said...

We have some friends from Oklahoma pulling in there to get shades installed this week. Joan and Alan.
They are a real neat couple.

Mark and Dortha said...

You are going to love the shades. Travel safe and see you at Retama.