Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's March ALREADY!!!!2009

WOW!!!! Can you believe it, 2 months in 2009 gone already. Where does time go?

The weather the last few days has been absolutely perfect here in Arizona. More snow and below ZERO weather up in the Black Hills. Time to stop and thank our lucky stars for our lifestyle.

Every time we come back here to this area that I enjoy so much, I have to think about my old friend, Del Holowell. Del was my next door neighbor here at the Ranch and I so looked forward to seeing him every year. He was one GRAND fellow. A "real" friend. He always told me how much he missed us and how happy he was to have us back home. I must pay tribute to a guy I miss a lot. Del passed away in 2005 with Prostate Cancer. His passing left a big hole in lots of hearts, I know it sure did mine!! I want to dedicate today to him.

This is Del and his horse. He loved to ride. Del and I spent hours talking and laughing, just the two of us out in his or my back yard. He used to tell me about his life back East in Pennsylvania and how much he enjoyed the West. He would tell me about his love for horses and how much he enjoyed his rides. He knew that I was an ole' cowboy, born and raised on a Cattle ranch and that for 6 years straight, I followed the Rodeo Circuit. He would ask me lots of questions about riding and breaking horses. Del could bring the best out in anyone and he sure was a joy for me to know. Del, I know your passing wasn't your idea, but it sure left a big hole in our hearts. It just won't ever be the same without you. I'll NEVER forget Del Holowell. Ride on my friend!!!

Well, Ms Megabyte2 is coming along nicely. She is getting back to her normal, friendly, mischievous self. Yesterday we gave her the last dose of antibiotics she has been taking. Let me tell you, she HATED taking them. They must have tasted mighty YUCKY!! It took Pat and I both to get them down her. Her incision is about healed. She is a JOY to have around and let me tell you, this is HER WORLD!!! One quick shot of her.
It was HAPPY HOUR on Friday night and she decided to perch right on my computer. The computer was on and she was typing!! Now if I can just teach her to do this Blog!!! Click on the picture for a closeup and just see how "smug" she looks. TODAY Ms Mega2 has been RV'ing a full month. She has been through a lot in that short time.
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It was a GREAT WEEK!!!
God Bless
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Dennis M said...

Hah! Mega2 says "Pay attention to me! Not that silly old computer!"

Bruce and Carol said...

I love the picture of your friend and his horse---it made me smile this morning. It looks to me as though you are enjoying Mega2's presence in your life as much as she is enjoying being in yours. I love reading your blog! :)+

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mega2 is one lucky cat! She'd be dead under an old shed back in Texas if you hadn't brought her along. Instead, she brings so much joy to her life, and her story is fun to follow! As is your own!

Bruce said...

Hey Mike: Why not teach Mega 2 to type. She could take over some of the correspondence duty. Sure appears she has an interest in that area... Bruce

Kdet said...

She does look like she knows she's the queen of her domain!

Frady's on Travel said...

Hi Mike and Pat,

Sure enjoy your blog and reading about your kitty. We also have one that enjoys sitting in the middle of the keyboard. Take care and safe RVing.

Patty Frady

Joy and Phil said...

Mike and Pat,

As a life-long animal lover, i feel the story of mega2's rescue, life-saving surgery and recovery is the stuff Disney movies are made of. She is one lucky cat and a good luck charm tht's for sure.

So glad you guys are enjoying your time at the ranch and getting a chuckle about the weather in SD. Did we make the right life-style choice or what?
Joy and Phil

Wood Splitter said...

I was born and raised in Rapid City and its been years since I have been back to the Black Hills. Nice Blog, thanks. Mike