Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NO KITTENS YET!!!!!! Wed Feb 17TH

Sorry Folks,,,,,,,,,No new kittens to report yet!!!!
I can't believe it hasn't happened yet, but I'll bet little (now BIG) Ms Mega2 is as anxious to get it over with as we are.... Poor girl, she is so big it's hard for her to get around and all she can do is sleep and eat. She can't be at all comfortable. She's trying real hard to get through it and being a real nice girl. It just HAS to be soon!! Stay tuned, you'll be the first to hear, right here!!
We are enjoying getting settled in at our place in North Ranch. It sure is nice and I LOVE IT! It's real quiet out here in the desert and it's so neat to see the vast amount of open land around us with the Mountains in the background... Our first big ride out in the hills is planned for Friday and I can hardly wait. I'm working to get my Polaris 500 4-wheeler ready to go!

We have had a lot of visitors the last few days, but we are getting a lot of things taken care of. I sold another one of my HughesNet fiberglass Satellite dishes and some TV LNB's to a gentleman in a town about 50 miles from here. He picked them up Monday and I also sold my old Prosine 2K inverter that I replaced when I was in Florida. That was picked up yesterday. So I'm getting rid of stuff right and left and lightening up the load a little.

The weather here in Arizona is somewhat cool in Feb. The mornings are in the mid to high 30's, but it warms up during the day. The coldest morning we've had since we left South Texas was the 27 deg's at Deming, NM. Those are the mornings that our NEW BLUE FLAME heater feels real good.

This is a picture of the Blue Flame heater in operation. It sure feels good on these cool mornings. I believe it puts out a little more heat than the Catalytic heater we have been using for the last several years. However, I'm also sure it uses more Propane. Anyhow, I guess I'll sell my portable Olympian 6100a Catalytic heater. So, if you're in the market for one, let me know.

The Happy Hours have been at our place each evening and that's where the gang has been gathering. Tom & Sally (our neighbors at North Ranch and at Retama) and Larry & Geri Gustafson were here yesterday. Larry and Geri, our neighbors and owners of the beautiful Broken Arrow Campground near Custer, SD are here and have their 4-wheeler with them. They will be joining us on our ride Friday. It sure is great to spend some time with them. They are booking reservations at their Campground daily. I'll have some pictures of our ride....I'm sure looking forward to it!!

This is a picture of Larry I took last summer at one of the many cookouts we had at their Campground.

This is Geri and Ms Pat at the same cookout. They have a beautiful Campground and facility. They have only been open for 2 summer's and they are booked up every summer. We encourage you, if you plan to be in the area, to stay with them. Everyone we send there LOVES IT!!!!
I'll try to get pictures of our "ride" and publish them Sunday.
It's a GREAT WEEK!!!!!! (thanks Bob!)
See you Sunday...
God Bless and Travel safe.
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Bruce and Carol said...

hope those kitties come soon. bet it happens when you are out on one of your rides!!! :)+

Jerry and Suzy said...

Tell us more about the Blue Flame Heater! Does it require a propane hose to be installed from an outside tank?

It is one of the many products you sell?

We could use something like that during the winter mornings in Benson. Wh have cheap propane and expensive electricity.