Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Campground is EMPTY!

This picture of our Camp Ground was taken exactly 1 year ago yesterday, but it could have been yesterday. It is almost empty! North Ranch RV Park here near Congress, AZ clears out this time of the year. It is REALLY quiet around here and very little traffic. Some of the folks that stay here year around say they enjoy it in the summer, because they have the place all to themselves. What amazes us is how North Ranch has turned into a Park Model Haven. All around us is Park Model after Park Model. It sometimes seems we are the only fulltimers left. Many of the Park Model owners are folks that aren't RV'ers and never were. They live here because they are Prospectors and go out in the desert prospecting all winter. It is close to lots of old Gold Mines and the Town of Stanton, an old mining camp is close by. I don't care much about it, so I don't pay any attention, but I do see Prospector after Prospector out in the desert when we are out 4-wheeling, digging holes in the ground and sifting through the dirt, looking for Gold. Since Gold has gotten so valuable, prospecting has gotten really popular.

This is the kind of Prospecting we like to do!!! These pictures were taken a little over a year ago on our first day of fishing in the Black Hills for the summer. We had just come from a real, rough month in Lincoln, Nebraska where we lost my youngest son Scott from Leukemia. Our super friends Neal and Deb Hughes knew that we needed some special support and asked us to go fishing with them. Neal is the Pastor of our Church in Custer and they had been following Scott's battle very closely and kept him in the Church's prayers constantly.

What a wonderful, joyous couple these folks are. We had a Super Special day fishing with them and Neal took us right where the fish were! We hadn't been fishing 10 minutes when I hooked a nice 24" Walleye. I thought I had hooked a LOG!! When that Dude surfaced about 30 feet from the boat and I saw his size, my heart started beating real fast, real quick! Wow!! What a way to start off the season!! Thanks again Neal and Deb, you knew how to lift our spirits and once again give us an interest in life. I was about to give up the ship. God Bless you both.

Scott loved to fish and I'm the kind of guy that feels Scott had something to do with me catching that fish. Just like he sent us this Kitty!!

This is Ms Megabyte2, taken in Dec 2008 just a couple weeks after her and I met at our place in South Texas. You all have been asking "how's the Kitty"? Well, let me tell you, she is doing Wonderful!! She has learned to live the life in a 5Th wheel real well. She is over all of her medical issues and feeling extremely active. She runs and zips through this 45' Coach from one end to the other like it is a Racetrack...wrestles with her toys and scampers about like she has gone completely bonkers. Keeps us chuckling constantly. What amazes me is the relationship her and Ms Pat have developed. Let me tell you, they are Buddies! Everywhere Pat goes Ms Mega2 follows. Pat spends a lot of time at her computer working on PressurePro records and correspondence and Ms Mega2 is not happy unless she is lying right by the keyboard. She "adores" Pat. I keep telling her that it is ME she should adore. (-: It was "I" that had the "Hard Sell" to get Ms Pat to even give me some warm milk for this poor, cold kitty, let alone get her inside the place!! Yes, it was I, that rescued her from the wild, cold unknown! But it doesn't work, she has won Ms Pat over completely. Oh well, I'm GLAD it worked out that way and she sure gives us both a lot of enjoyment. She is such a wonderful, pleasant, good Kitty! Just ask Pat!!! I can see Scott smiling, in fact he's laughing!!! We're all happy, and that's a GOOD thing!!

In just 3 days, we will be heading North towards the Black Hills. I know it is still a little cool up there and it has been Beautiful here....60deg when we get up and it gets up to mid 80's, that's about perfect. However, the weather folks are saying in the 100's next week in Phoenix and we are getting Yancey to move these wheels! We have been in Arizona almost 3 months and that seems to be about our limit. We have wheels so we can travel and don't believe in staying in one spot all Winter. Besides those Walleye are CALLING!!!!

Thanks for following along with us, we appreciate each and every one of you! Bob and Shirley, we're looking forward to seeing you guys REAL SOON!!!!

God Bless and remember, tell your kids (and parents,etc.) that you love them, they may not be around forever!
It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!
Safe Travels

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Carol said...

As always, Mike, I love reading about your adventures. Bruce would love it there, for sure, sifting through the sand. We know what it is like to have a pet that entertains. Our two German Shepherds do the same for us. Gypsy just sits and watches!!!! Have a safe trip north! :)+

Steve said...


You are officially our first followers on our new ATH blog. I hope you enjoy it. We are still learning and testing now. We hope to have all our reporters commenting soon and have city officials and such adding community information and comments.

I enjoyed reading parts of your blog. Sounds like a fun way to live. I could do that - in about 20 years.

Thanks again and God bless!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike and Pat, have a great trip north, enjoy all the beautiful country you can, send us stories and pix on your blog. Know that we are riding along in the back, with MsMega2.

Catch you next year somewhere along the back highways!

Joy and Phil said...

Pat and Mike,
We will bypass SD this year and I love that place! So, will be looking forward to visiting vicariously through you blog after you arrive. So good to see MsMega2 again.
Have a safe and fun journey!
Joy and Phil

Debbie Goode said...

Some of the best times of my childhood were spent fishing with my Grandfather--how I love that man. He is gone now, but the memories--those I have forever! Safe travels and be sure and give Megabyte a hug from us.

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Mike & Pat,

I cannot agree more with your closing statement "tell your kids (and parents,etc.) that you love them, they may not be around forever!" It's because of people like you and Pat and others that have lost a child that truly understand that statement. There is not guarantee for tomorrow for anyone. Safe travels this week as you all head north. Catch some fish for me!!!

Rollie & Gina