Sunday, May 31, 2009

Winner, South Dakota produces a WINNER!!!$$$

I suppose you have all heard by now that the latest Power Ball winner purchased the ticket in Winner, South Dakota.. Winner is about 240 miles Southeast of us. It is near the middle of the state just above the Nebraska state line on Hwy 18.... The winner hasn't come forward yet last I heard.

$232.1 Million,,,,,,Now I know your all thinking we ran down there and bought a lottery ticket, but don't believe it, cause it AIN'T true!!! Wish it was,,,,,but no such luck.

Winner, SD is a small town of less than 3000 population and is near the Rosebud Indian reservation. Rumor has it that someone from Mission, SD purchased the winning ticket from one of the only two locations where they are sold in Winner.
Here are the Headlines from the Rapid City Newspaper if you would like to check it out...

Story:Whole town is buzzing about Winner. Someone hit the $232.1 million jackpot in Winner on Wednesday, igniting speculation throughout the town Thursday and thrusting the Tripp County town into the national spotlight. "There's a lot of talk about it," Lil' Feller Convenience Store owner Brian Schaeffer said. "They're all asking, 'Who is it?' No one has a clue at the moment."For more of this story, click on link below:"

Rapid City Journal

Congratulations to the Winner,,,,,,hope they are from Winner or somewhere local.. Sooner or later we will find out.. They have 180 days to come forth... They can take it in 30 annual payments or a lump sum of $118.5 Million. How would YOU take it?

(click on pictures to enlarge)

Thursday we went fishing and we had a FINE time!!! Again, we were on the lake at 0700 and it was a super day. As you can see, the lake is smooth as glass. The fish make you work a little to search them out, but we dug out 4 NICE ones!! This time the largest was close to 19 inches.......and the smallest 15". By shortly after noon, the wind started to come up and the fishing was slowing down, so we took the boat out, filleted the fish with our electric knife and was back in Custer by 2pm. Tired but happy.

Friday we spent a few hours helping our friends Neal and Deb Hughes put new steering cables on their fishing boat. That was a JOB!! But we got them in and it should be ready to fish. Maybe we can try it out next week..... I like to fish when somebody else does the driving for a change. It's MUCH more relaxing........driving the boat and finding the fish gets to be a challenge. We have been fishing Angostura lake for 14 years now. We know it well and have our favorite spots, but that's no sign the fish will be biting there TODAY.

Yesterday morning about 0600, I opened the door of our Teton to see what a beautiful a day it was and this is what I saw.....a big, beautiful Hot Air Balloon. This was taken while I was still standing looking out the door of our home.

You can see that the Sun had just come up over the horizon a few minutes before. I waited until the balloon was passing through the Sun,....see it? can also see the shadow of it in the foreground.

The weather is getting better every day and we are enjoying every minute of it. Our 4 mile walk is at 0700 each morning, but as it continues to warm up, we will have to get out earlier and earlier. Looking forward to seeing our good friends, Roger and Susan Haddix, who will be arriving towards the end of next week.....They are headed our way from Florida.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Today it's off to 8am Church, then to a Graduation Reception for Colton Hack in Rapid City this afternoon. Colton is my brothers Grandson. I wish my brother was here to enjoy the occasion, but our Lord had other plans for him several years ago. I know he is watching from above,,,,,right Richard?

Travel safe and God Bless you all.


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Rick and Paulette said...

Very nice post, Mike. Looks like you've got a great lake to fish in from the pics of your catch!

As for the powerball, I think I'd take the lump sum amount - hope the "winner" didn't throw his ticket away!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Not fair! Rick and Paulette (whose blog we follow) got their comment in first today! Darn Canadians!

You do have a lovely place to live for the summer, and it's nice to have lots of friends nearby.

And Rick is right - take the lump, pay the taxes, and then enjoy. I don't anticipate being around for another 30 years, and why should my grandkids get all that money?

Jack said...

Mike, I'd be taking that Powerball payout in CASH!! And a buddy of mine that wants a motorhome would get a nice one, too! Then I'd likely establish a charity and give some of that money away....I'd never be able to spend it all.....

Nick Russell said...

I'd take the lump sum, Mike. Tomorrow has no guarantees, but I sure could have fun with that money today!

Carol said...

I agree--take the money and run!!! Life is too short and sometimes shorter than we think it might be. Enjoy every minute of it now. Know, Mike and Pat, that you are enjoying those fish and glad to be back "home". Will be thinking of you as June 5 approaches. We love you! Carol and Bruce too :)+

Padraic & Willie said...

Those are nice fish you caught beside the lotto.

Bob and Molly said...

Yes, Mike, take the lump, and share the wealth! LOL
Love the photos....great view from your place!