Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As we sit down here in this pleasant weather in Arizona and hear about all the severe storms around the country, it makes me cringe! I don't look forward to Tornado and Hail storms. They don't seem to have them here, but it is beginning to get HOT!!!

If you read our friend Nick Russell's Blog, you saw these pictures of a Campground in Tennessee that was struck by a Tornado. Several rigs were damaged and a large 5th wheel was turned completely upside down!

Close examination of the upside down 5TH wheel told us it was a Teton. Later, we find out it was Eddie and Betty Ezell,,,,,,,,,,one of our fellow Tetoners. We don't know a lot of the details, but they were taken to the Hospital with cuts and bruises. We certainly hope their injuries aren't serious. The damage to their Teton and Truck looks VERY serious. Boy,,,what a mess to be in. I guess just being alive, they are mighty lucky. But our thoughts and prayers are sure with them as they attempt to recover from this tragedy. It was just 2 months ago, while we were at the Gypsy Journal Rally, that Eddie called and ordered a full PressurePro tire monitoring system from us. If anyone knows more about this incident and their conditions, please let us know.

Meanwhile, this is our last day at North Ranch RV Park here in Congress, AZ. We have been trying to get things ready to go, clean out the refrigerator in the shed, prepare the ATV for storage, etc. But as you know, there are a lot of things you just can't do until the last minute. So, today will be a busy one.

We are going across some pretty desolate country and our Internet and cell Phone services may be scarce. We'll keep you as up to date as we can and also try to stop long enough to get a few pictures........there is a possibility that by Sunday we may be to our place in Custer, SD. But you never know,,,we have no plan and no reservations. What happens will happen. It appears from what I can see on the weather maps that we should have good weather for most of the trip. But again, ya never know.

Thanks for stopping by and we'll be back Sunday, God willin'!

PressurePro tip of the week. We get a lot of questions asking, "How long do the batteries in the Sensors last?" We say, "Most likely they will last 4 plus years". However, ours will soon be 5 years old and none have shown any sign of the battery going down. Our Sensors are always on, I never take them off (except to change air pressure) or turn the Monitor off. They have been monitoring our tires 24/7 for 5 years this month. Several of our customer's systems are almost the same age and theirs are still going.

If you have any questions about the PressurePro system, please give Pat or I a call or email. We will be glad to help you. Cell: 850-294-0281 Email: Our web site has a FAQ section, check it over.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Stay Safe and God Bless.

PS. Did you watch my Man "TY" on dancing with the Stars? He survived the cut last night and is STILL dancing!!!! Way to go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,see there, Cowboys can do ANYTHING!!!!!:-) Go Ty!!!!!

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Jutta said...

Lucky for us, we were in a campground in north Nashville when this storm hit! But we received damage too, when Doug struck a fence post with the street side of our rig. In Elkhart now getting damage repaired. (tank plumbing and 16 feet of sheet metal)

Kathy said...

Safe Travels Mike!

Jerry and Suzy said...

It may be desolate country between Congress, AZ and Custer, SD, but don't hurry! Even in desolation there is stuff to see, to record, to enjoy, to tell us about. Take your time. If you are out of Internet coverage, we'll wait.

Safe travels, friends.

Carol said...

Safe travels, dear friends. :)+

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Here's wishing you two safe travels.

Rollie & Gina

Bob and Molly said...

Ty is doing well and we cheer him on, too!
Ya'll have a safe and pleasant journey!!

Debbie Goode said...

Wow! I know what it is like to be in a vehicle when it rolls over and stops on its top. Did that on my 23rd birthday. Sure hope those folks are ok....will keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

Carol said...

Happy Mother's Day, Pat. Am here looking for the blog but know that you are on the road. And YAY for Ty. I couldn't believe the looks on everyone's faces. Wonder if the Cowboy Army will be able to keep him there this week?? Wouldn't it be funny if he was the winner? Hugs to both of you! :)+