Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fish,,,,Flagpole's and Buffalo!!!=Black Hills.

We haven't been able to go back out fishing yet. The weather has been quite nasty, then we had the Holiday weekend. We don't go near the lake on Holidays, it's just too busy to be much fun, especially for fishermen. It's over-run with Ski-do's, Skiers, tubers and what I call "obnoxious" speed boaters. Some of those boats have a big V8 motor with Straight Pipes. They make more noise that a 747 taking off!! NO THANKS!!! Why they allow those is more than I can comprehend... But I guess everyone has their rights,,,right?

Sounds like the weather will be great tomorrow (Thurs), so we'll give it a try then and take out of here early for the lake. By the way, we had Walleye for supper one night last week,,,and was it EVER delicious,,,,Walleye and Cheese grits,,,,,Outstanding!!! :-)

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I like to fly the flag and especially on Holidays. Let me show you this neat Flag mount I purchased a couple years ago. I really like it and it works GREAT!!! Hopefully you can click on the above photo and it will take you to my Web Album and pictures of the installation of the Flagpole Buddy.

Buffalo in Custer State Park.

We are starting to see the visitors arrive. More and more RV's are heading down the road in front of our place to the Broken Arrow Campground. It is a superb Campground and I suggest if you're coming to the area that you try it out. Judging from lots of our friends that have stayed there, you won't be unhappy. The Campground owners, Larry and Geri Gustafson, will make you feel right at home. Ice Cream social every night, plus a super view!!

PressuroPro tip of the Week. Lots of people ask us: How long do the batteries last in the wireless sensors? Our answer is,,,,,,"Ours are 5 years old and have shown no sign of battery weakness. We never turn ours off, they are on 24/7 month after month."

Remember PressurePro is only 5 years old. We got ours 5 years ago this month and it was one of the first systems out. I have never had a Sensor battery go down, nor have I had a Sensor go bad or began to leak or not report in, and we have 16 of them installed on our rig...

We can safely tell people the batteries will last 3.5 to 4 years. But we know that is very conservative and we just don't know for sure, but again ours are 5 years old. How old are yours?
I know several of yours are almost that old.

The only time the Sensors are not operating is when you take them off your tires. We know several people take theirs off to conserve the battery. We don't feel this is really necessary or worth the effort. If you do this, just remember they MUST go back on the same location they came off of.

I can honestly say that the majority of the trouble shooting problems that we receive from our customers is when they have removed the sensors to save the battery and are putting them back on..... Our recommendation is to just leave them on!!!

If you have any questions about the PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System, no matter where you purchased it, give us a call or email us. We will be glad to help you,,,,,,,7 days a week!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Tell us more about the Flag Buddy! It looks like a neat deal.

Good old buffalo at Custer, good ol' walleye and cheese grits, altho we've never tasted either.

Thanks for sharing your life with us, pal!

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

you and Ms Pat enjoy fishing tomorrow!! Hopefully you'll do some catching too.

Rollie & Gina

Carol said...

got fish?? I've had cheese grits but never the walleye. better than trout???

not bad down here in Florida---probably because we have had RAIN and not lots of sun.

Jonathan is a busy boy---overlapping basketball and baseball tonight! gotta keep up!

oxoxox Carol :)+