Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We are Back in the Black Hills.

We decided to stay in Lingle, WY last Sunday as the rain kept coming down all morning. The forecast for Monday was good and we didn't want to pull onto our property and set up in the rain. Besides we were parked just a few miles from Fort Laramie, one of Wyoming's oldest military garrison's. We spent a few hours of the afternoon exploring the interesting old Fort.
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Pat checks out the Guard House.
A Gatling gun,,,,,,Neat!
Monday was as promised, a beautiful day and we continued on the last 165 miles to our place just south of Custer, SD. Here we are just as we pulled in about noon.
Pat checked out our site and it was in good shape. So it wasn't long until we were parked, unhooking everything and getting settled in. It is good to be back in the Hills! Something about this place...we both feel a calming, peaceful, homey effect when we get back here each summer. Kinda out of the hustle and bustle, back to the "calm" quiet life. Time to give thanks for so many things, especially this great life we have been blessed with. Thank You, God!!

Well, the KING of the COWBOY'S, Ty Murray was voted off Dancing with Stars last night. He made all "us" cowboys PROUD. I could tell from day one that it wasn't his calling and how he ever got "roped" into it is beyond me. Maybe money,,,? :-) He even surprised himself going as far as he did, but Cowboys stick together and he was getting the votes,; plus, he's a very likable guy. All I can say is Good Job, Ty!!! Way to go!

Now, to get the boat ready to head to the lake!!! Walleye, here we come.

See you Sunday!

Travel Safe!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!
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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike and Pat, Welcome Home! We're glad you made it back safely. The Black Hills are a great place, even when they are overrun with tourists like us!

Good old Fort Laramie! I believe we have stopped there some time in the past, but after a while, all the old forts look alike: a parade ground, the old stockade, and officer's quarters. But it is good to visit them, because they are an essential part of the history of our country.

And yes, you and we do lead a blessed life, and thank God for that!

Nick Russell said...

Glad you made it there safely. Now kick back and relax!

Carol said...

Just reading this on Thursday morning. Last week I read on Wednesday and found out about Ty and Chelsea NOT getting the boot---and we hadn't watched it yet as we PVR it. So we watched last night. Ty Murray is a class act and Chelsea must feel good being one of the final 4 given that this was her first season. Anyway, hope Giles wins!!!

Your place looks great and I know you are glad to be back home. How much land do you have there???

Hope those walleye cooperate! :)+

MIA said...

Yes Michael..... I do read it sometimes , however, I, like you travel a lot...unfortunately though.... I'm not having the fun you are but none the less it doesn't leave much time for the computer...sooo,please understand and be patient !!!!!...ok.

Love you both a lot.... glad your back home ...safely

Debbie Goode said...

Glad you are safe and sound back in them thar hills!

We saw Ty and Chelsea on 'Reggis and Kelly' just the other morning. They even did one of their dances. He said he did the competition to help promote the 'cowboys' and 'rodeos' out there....a lot of work for a little 'free' publicity, but he hung in there and went out with his boots on! LOL!

Ellie and Jim said...

Glad you guys made it home safe. Be sure and chase that "big" green snake away before we get there in June:) I'll get the grill ready for some great potluck suppers..
Hugs...Jim & Ellie