Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great Ride to South Padre Island, Jan 17,2010

Sunday was a Beautiful day just as predicted. The skies were clear and the wind was not blowing, so we took off on a Bike Ride with our friends Greg and Bonnie Gheyssens. We headed for South Padre Island, about 100 miles East on the Gulf of Mexico.

Greg and Bonnie are long time riders and we were waiting for an opportunity to ride with them. The weather hasn't been cooperating a lot this winter, so I'm glad we had this opportunity. Bonnie has her own Harley Heritage Softail Deluxe just like ours. However, she is recuperating from a mean fall off of a ladder while she was cleaning their 5th wheel. She was in the hospital for about a week with a bad break in her left leg. She is still in therapy and has been for over 2 months. I mentioned her fall in my Blog some time ago when we called the Emergency unit here to the park. Thankfully, her hard work and physical therapy are working and she only has to use a cane now. Soon she hopes to be back on her own bike..

We arrived at South Padre about noon and were anxious to find some good Seafood.

We had heard a lot about Dirty Al's, so we headed there. It was very busy and there weren't any parking spaces.

It's never hard to fiind a spot big enough to park a Bike; in fact, we got both Bikes parked nearly at the front door.

Greg and Pat as we were leaving the restaurant after a great seafood lunch...

We took the northern route home and went past this Sugar factory. It was a busy place and trucks were bringing in the Cane one right after another.  As far as we know, it is the only Sugar factory in the area.

Soon we were back home from a great ride, our longest so far (200 miles), and our first with other bikers. We are so glad we finally had the opportunity to ride with Greg and Bonnie. Maybe we can get lucky and get one more ride in before we leave for Arizona in 8 days....

Meanwhile, things are quite busy around here. Monday morning we had our PressurePro Seminar for folks here and in the big RV park just south of us. I'm extremely happy to say that it was very well attended by over 50 Rv'ers.  They were there because they are interested in learning about PressurePro and improving the safety of their travels.  We almost sold out and only have a couple systems left. Plus, we sold 4 PowerTanks. Pressure Pro Tire Monitoring Systems have become very popular and PowerTank is catching on fast.

Then Monday afternoon our friends and old "stick house" neighbors, Chuck and Rhoda Roper, came all the way from Tallahassee Florida to visit for a few days. We have been showing them around and we'll be headed back over to Padre Island today.  Hopefully, we will even get to see our friends and fellow Church members, the Geetings, from Custer, SD. They have a Condo on the Island and just recently came down for some warm sunshine.  

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

How fun, kicking along with friends and more friends. Question - was that actually sugar cane, or was it sugar beets? We'd always thought all sugar made in the continental US was from beets. Not that it makes any difference in the sugar -- it's all sweet, and we love sweet!

Rick and Paulette said...

Hey Mike! What's with no pictures of all that great seafood you guys had for lunch? South Padre Island is one of the places that we've always wanted to visit so thanks for showing us a bit of it.


Only time we ever rode with anyone else was a food drive with about 40 bikes one time back in 97. By the end of that 5 hour ride I knew I would never do that again. Riding in a designated box on the highway at a sustained speed with a leader out front is not my idea of a fun day on a bike. Always ride alone now, stop when I wanna, stand up on the pegs & give myself a scratch if I need to, swoop around the road from side to side if I feel like it, & yodel my head off when I feel the need. As far as seafood goes....I still lkie fishsticks the best..........:))