Sunday, January 10, 2010


I mentioned in my last Blog we were headed to Mexico with our friends and neighbors Rocky and Sheri Rhoades. We left home at 9am and spent the entire day about 10 miles south of the Border in Mexico. We toured 4 different Children's Missions that the Hero Makers help support. This is wonderful work these folks do. To see how some of these misfortunate Children live is heartbreaking.  "Hero Makers" is doing its best to make life a little easier for them. Rocky and Sheri are Missionaries and part of their work involves contacting groups and Churches all over the US and Canada for help and assistance for these Missions.  It was a real treat to see what they are doing and what they have done.

At one of the Missions, there was a group of College students from Tennesee working for a week as a school project.  They were sweeping, cleaning, building and just doing what needed to be done.  It was very heart warming to see these College students trying to make these young kids lives a little better.  If anyone is interested in making a donation to Hero Makers or would like to volunteer on some of their projects or know someone or some group that might be interested, you can contact Rocky at the following email address: .  Or, you can click here:  Hero Makers Donations

We also had a "REAL" Mexican dinner at a "REAL" Mexican restaurant.  They know how to make things "HOT".  If you click on the title below the picture, it will take you to my album of several more pictures. Click your "back" arrow to get back to my Blog. All pictures have a caption describing them. Take a look:

From Hero Makers Mexico trip to the Mission's.Jan2010

Cold weather is plaquing a lot of people all over the country right now and many have it a lot worse than we do but it still is getting on my nerves. It was 22 deg yesterday in this area, but the sun did finally manage to come out for a while and it got up to a quick 50. It sure felt good too! Friday the wind was so bone chilling that we went to the exercise room at 6:30am and worked out. We managed to work up a good sweat there, then about froze walking back home. I had to get out my BIG coat that I haven't had out for years. It's 35 here in Mission, TX. this morning at 4am and I see it's 46 in Wickenburg, you know where I wish I was! This time next month we will be out there, Lord willing. I'm getting real anxious to move.  That's why we have a home with wheels, so we can go.

Hope everyone is staying warm.  Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Birthday today to our son-in-law Randy and Grandson Gabe.  Hope you have a GREAT birthday!!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, thanks for the tour of the missions in Mexico. It's a much needed work, we are sure. I'll bet if you posted an address, some of your readers would send a check right now to help out. Especially now that we've seen what is being done. Our local bishop recently made a tour to a border area where families with children were living in the town dump, existing as best they could. So sad.

Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for the tour and pics of the Hero Makers Missions in Mexico, Mike. It looks like they are doing a fantastic job there. Sure hope it warms up a bit so you at least get some good weather before heading off to AZ.